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Monday, January 22, 2007

Who turned IT hub into hotspot-IBN-22 Jan 2007

60 years post independence, if we have seen one section of the society deteriorate from zenith to abyss, it is the politicians.
They appear to stoop to any level to stay in the lime light. Encourage unpalatable elements of the society. Appeal to the basest and uncontrollable instincts in human beings for their own selfish motives.
Manipulate everything to their advantage.
When things go out of control as they are bound to
pretend humility and willingness to atone for their sins. They know fully well the penal system they corrupted will never find them guilty.
Their only contribution to the Society, seems to be the nuisance value, which keeps them alive in public memory.

And we the suffering, disgusted, helpless Bharatiyas are accursed with them.
Spare Us oh LORD, or Grant me the Serenity to accept things that I cannot change(Reinhold Niebuhr-1972)
I continue to be amazed at the prophetic perspicacity of Churchill who predicted that India will be ruled by rogues and scoundrels.
Our fervent request to them is Please delink us from your devious, selfserving goals.


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