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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kudos to supreme court-leds-27jan2007

Kudos to the supreme court for rectifying the grave error of the high court awarding compensation to an owner who was fatally injured trying to avoid a goat.

Third party insurance is the lowest of the slabs, so naturally comes with many riders.
Extra premium would have covered own life.

what is more he even failed to pay the current premium on the policy.
Under such circumstances, what ever (humanitarian or economic criteria?) reasons the high court awarded the compensation was neither fair nor just.
It is unjust claims and awards like these that hike up the premium for the rest of us,and set a bad precedent to cheat the insurance companies.
Unfortunately, this exclusively American trend seems to be corrupting the Indian legal system.
There may have been more sympathy for the victim if he had not been informed of the limitations of the policy.


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