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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rude courier boys ruin international Journal of Biophotonics reputation-30Sep2008

This is with reference to the International Journal of Biophotonics.
You have been sending the issues through some uncivilized rude courier company-palex? - I could not get the name because after I signed the receipt stating that I was a family member
have received the issue. I did not want to give him my phone number as these lists are being sold unscrupulously.
The extremely rude delivery boy grabbed the issue from my hand and took it back.
I guess this subscription should be through your asia office?The unsavoury incident reeks of rudeness- firstly ringing the bell to deliver some journal not meaningful to any other member of the family at an odd hour.
In addition create a bad image(since I donot remember which courier agency it is- the bad name will rub off to your reputed journal.
Kindly discontinue your journals as I have no wish to have a fight with some crass courier company's crass delivery boys and spoil my day and mood.


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