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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mattoo shattered in Priyadarshini case

I wonder if the honorable supreme court would have been as tolerant to find " Facts in Santosh Singh's Favor" "ends of justice being met" in so arbitrary a fashion had one of their own daughters, sisters, mothers been raped and murdered this way? And the way criminal justice system from the police station onwards was pervertedly manipulated by the influential IPS officer father at all levels. Please dont tell the world it did not happen. We all know what happened. What is the deterrent punishment for gross crimial violation of civic society's norms and standards? what is the message that is being conveyed to other current and potential criminals by this verdict? This is what happens when "justice" is delivered "delayed" by time and space. It appears callous. There should be an equal opportunity for appeal to the president to revert the life sentence to death when such obvious failure to meet ends of justice results in a slap in the face of civil society.


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