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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Society's Unempathetic treatment of victim's family

This is very unfortunate insult after 14 years wait for the family.
Rape and murder are no longer rarest of rare cases to reserve death sentence. They have become daily affair. So the attitude of the courts that death sentence should be reserved for rarest of rare cases should be changed immediately, by amendment if necessary. US has a three strikes law for example which makes a three time conviction makes life sentence mandatory.
In Mattoo case, I wish there was an option for presidential appeal to change it to death. If commutation is possible revese should be possible for such heinous crimes which were diluted for extraneous reasons by IPS father.
This is the kind of injustice that promotes unjust tolerance towards lawlessness.
The distance in time and space of the deciding authority is the major reason for this complacent attitude.


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