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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why does civil society tolerate such Infernal shame heaped on an innocent respected citizen just because he is higher caste?

Why does a so called "Civil Society" India tolerate such infernal shame and defamation heaped on a respected, honorable and importantly innocent citizen like Dr L Subramanian?
When acknowledged offenders like Renukacharya/ Halappa are
going around as VIPs.
Is it because of caste? social standing? is there no penalty for false accusations as levelled by the "Dalit" woman Bhagya and the opportunist "DALIT" Sangharsh organization which probably took it up for the cheap publicity it would get?
Reputation and damage to a productive citizen of the society be damned?
It is obvious to any one with an iota of brain that the maid stole the money, and counter filed a complaint suddenly as a Dalit to deviate from the criminal issue.
Unfortunately these anti discrimination laws are being intentionally misused to harass innocents and the politicians and courts are party to it. Instead of removing discrimination it has created a dangerouly potent reverse discrimination weapon.
The maid and the organization which backed het should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the criminal law to send a message that law cannot be misused for harassment and retaliation.



Attempt-to-rape case against maestro closed
During investigation, famed violinist L Subramaniam produced evidence that he was not in town on the day he was accused of molesting his maid


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