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Monday, February 21, 2011

dear mr navneet reply to dr kilara

Dear Mr Navneet,
Differing point of view can be with the diagnosis or treatment. What you say about cancer "I dont think we ever get treatment over" is true for virtually all diseases is it not? and with an ever changing therapy scenario for most of medicine inspite of all the hype there may not be very significant differences in the eventual results.
What ever is the type of illness valuable resources and time are in most instances ideally utilized to make the patient's life quality superlative by indulging in all the things they wanted to have in life and could not or did not have.
Infact in many instances the treatment may be worse than the disease. I do not understand how discussing the disease and therapy threadbare with all and sundry as you have admitted -hopefully in the absence of the patient -helps in making " the days he has left now" (your words)better?
In your - father in law's? -case, there was no question about diagnosis or the treatment given to the patient uptil you met Dr Kilara I understand. Your complaint was she refused to take over the therapy from another centre? That is the differing view point you are referring to I suppose? At most stages of therapy after diagnosis is a judgement call based on the experience or individual approaches of the treating physician. If he or she does not believe that the type and number (to me it looks excessive?) of cycles of therapy you as the patient or patients family cannot insist that she gives in your requests or demands. As far as rudeness is concerned, my 35 year experience in medical field is rudeness begets rudeness from either side.



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