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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stop enmasse Unfair Maligning

I do feel constrained to reply first as a patient and then a medical health professional to all this maligning of the profession enmasse.
Yes they are human. and also they cannot beat death. They can relieve pain and discomfort. Only if the patient and family can get that "The BEST" in medicine almost
always is accompanied by extreme sacrifice in quality of life after.
A brief contemplation is necessary.
When you take a case to a lawyer who is unwilling to taking up a weak case and then you find another who will and years and rupees later
you do lose the case you dont hang either lawyer.
In all this the bigger issue is forgotten- whether we can afford the best- read costliest too- treatment, as a country without adequate health insurance and certainly no
government health service to speak of.
Letting a disease take a natural course except for pain and discomfort relief, in many instances may be a better option than fighting it at all COSTS with the same end result
albeit delayed. The paths of action may become clearer if we can recall Reinhold Neibuhr's Serenity prayer at every step: God Grant me the serenity to accept
things I cannot change, The courage to change things that I can and the Wisdom to know the difference, whether we are the doctors, patients or family.


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