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Monday, September 19, 2011

one sided version on consumer courts

CPA was enacted to provide equal footing between players. You have not addressed the real problem that service providers especially government UNDERTAKINGS .
Consequently all of them exhibit a do whatever you want, we could not care less attitude towards complaints.
Indian Courts do not respect time, effort, and mental agony of complainants in the same way western courts do.
Or impose exemplary penalties to encourage better service and attitudes. Even if they do it is grossly out of touch with reality. For Ex. for a bounced check twice the value of the check is considered "meeting the ends of justice"to the drawee. Whereas a consumers check bounced unlawfully a deep regret and apology is considered sufficient. This injustice, drives them to consumer courts. This discrepancy encourages anticonsumer attitudes. If subseqent out of court settlements are such an issue, consumer courts can impose a suitable cost of settlement on even those. Second is extraordinary delays even in successful suits.



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