I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Improve Bangalore's Traffic

I am a US qualified registered medical technologist-microbiologist, with my own lab in Bangalore for the past 30 years and a born(again?) Bangalorean of 55 years.I have made a suggestion to all law makers, officials to Ban honking in the first place to make an immediate improvement in the living conditions. We know the traffic is Bad, I donot know why the rest of the citizenry have to suffer for it. Knowing Our mentality(Indian), nothing short of serious penalties and constant policing will make us follow rules. So I have suggested heavy penalties. And Power to the citizens to complain of violations, with graphic evidence if possible. Onus on the authorities to penalize and report back to the complainant on the Action taken. Increasing the fine amount by 10 percent or so to reward the complainants. This would make the violators themselves pay for their reformation. Compliance will increase if violators are sure about having to pay a price- if someone is watching idea spreads. Supreme court already says Honking is banned after 10 pm till 6 AM. Honking pattern has a severe ripple effect on the entire populace. So only a tap on the horn should be tolerated. Leaning on the horn should be seriously penalized.I am involved in an NGO training Heavy vehicle drivers(about 15000 of them in Bangalore alone) on cautious defensive driving, through day long seminars.I have also started a movement of noting down the violators details and informing the traffic police through email for action. If every one does it I am sure we can transform the city's traffic miraculously. We have to get the authorities to give dedicated select citizens powers to issue atleast notices of violations. Would you like to be involved?