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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Parting shots-LEDP30dec2007

Your parting shots very thought provoking and transforming anyone who reads it.
Another one vital for Bangalore Nay India is:


This is my five decade experience trying to be a law abiding citizen, especially from authorities and other citizens who look down on you as a troublemaker!

Transporter's strike-LEDS-26Feb2008

This is with reference to the ongoing transporter's strike refusing installing speed governors on their vehicles despite court orders.
It is an extremely urgent move necessitated by the demoniacal and reckless driving by heavy vehicles causing lakhs of rupees of loss to the society.

All the pros and cons of the move have been heard at great length and expense and it has been decided that the move is in the larger interests of the
The truckers should respect it and not resort to such blackmail and arm twisting techniques. The government and the society on whom these truckers are totally dependent should not yield under any circumstances.
They should face the struggle and break this illegal and unlawful strike.
The truckers should follow the legal recourse open to them.
Otherwise they will reinforce the impression prevalent in the public mind, that they are a lawless bunch.

Law breakers should be punished stringently -TOILEDP4 Mar 2008

This is with reference to the horrific murder of a policeman by car thieves stealing tyres (March 3). Our deepest sympathies to Nagesh’s family, colleagues and friends. The tolerance exhibited by the executive, judiciary and society towards such violence on government servants should be most severely condemned. It is sad to note that the suspects in the recent hit-and-run case involving a highway engineer in Tamil Nadu are still free. It appears to be a gross distortion of civil rights, upholding the rights of few such criminals at the expense of the rest of the society. We need more stringent punishment along the lines of West Asian countries if we are to instil the fear of law in the minds of law breakers. Government servants should be allowed to carry arms and use them when necessary