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Monday, October 15, 2007

Disillusioned with democracy-LEDP TOI14Oct2007

Disillusioned with the Indian style of democracy It’s pleasing to read that even a retired politician — governor in the chief minister’s chair — is also working. We have been disillusioned with the Indian style of democracy — democracy of a few, by a few, for a few. All the states under President’s rule can function more effectively. It’s time we stopped wasting our precious money on midterm elections and banned them. How can a corpus elected for five years fail to run a government for the stipulated period? To rest and recuperate is the politicians’ modus operandi, and the current scenario in Karnataka is appalling.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

dissatisfied with democracy-LEDS130ct2007

It was a welcome sight to see even a retired politician governor in the chief minister's chair working.
Democracy Of a few, by a few, for a few.
We have been disillusioned with the kind of democracy for 50 years.
'Public servants 'behaving worse than enemies.
Atleast the officials who want to work can get the job done. Uninterfered by rampant political considerations of this
"Indian style Democracy".

Happenstance a few corrupt and inefficient bureaucrats there is some foreseeable end by retirement/transfer.
Unlike the politicians who continue to haunt us from even beyond the grave.
All the states under president's rule function more effectively.
It is time we stopped wasting precious money on midterm elections, which should be banned.
If a corpus of elected for 5 years representatives fail to effectively run a government for the stipulated period, they should be made to sit on the sidelines for the rest of the elected period.
To reconsider, rest and recuperate their modus operandi.
Then horse trading the way it is going on in Karnataka right now will not happen.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Should JDs honor -IBN-6 oct 2007

The Editorial title "Should the JD(S) honour the agreement on power transfer? " itself shows the Society's overindulgent spoilt brat's parents attitude we have towards our politicians.
We consider them as the necessary evils someone else elected (We did not vote them in).

We need to accept that, once elected, these politicians are "OUR REPRESENTATIVES"irrespective of how, who or what elected them, or no matter how distasteful they are.

Then we would judge them by much harsher norms that we desire of the society.

read my lips-gowda-5 oct 2007

This shameless lack of principles comes as no surprise to anyone who has watched the Gowda clan operating.They have brought the political ethos to the nadir it can reach.If there is one way to describe the mechanics of today's politics in karnataka it amounts to political prostitution.

Jfk terror -TOI-internet 6 oct 2007

Internet and its applications to daily life like Google have transformed communications, information and the way life is lived in the 21st century.It should not be underestimated and undermined by misuse by few perverted individuals. Such determined individuals will do anything to accomplish their fiendish goals whether they had google and intenet available or not.Under such circumstances the benefit to risk ratio has to be considered, and it appears to be a very low risk, which can be handled by other means than denial to all.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

IAS Officer's Murderers get death-NDTV 4 Oct 2007

Justice delayed is justice denied is a well known saying. Sometimes it is good that it is delayed in heinous, irresponsible crimes by criminals masquerading as politicians and leaders. For it gives them time to ponder over the Damocle's sword that hangs over their head, not knowing which way it will sway. Now they will have another eternity of confirmation or pardon during which they will suffer. They will have died a hundred deaths at the uncertainty. It is a meagre price to pay for a horrendous crime. The Australian Priest and his son's incineration was another crime that should have been punished equally strongly. Nonhuman criminals like Anand Mohan with 38 murder cases against him actually do not deserve an equal opportunity under human laws. They need a Satanic Law dedicated to themselves.