I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Monday, April 30, 2007

SP calls Rahul Suvar-Swine-IBN30Apr2007

This is what we can expect when gutter snipes enter politics.Politics was never a gentleman's game that cricket was.Cricket has deteriorated to this level.We do not have any qualifications for becoming a politician.Now a days, looking at the kind of people who are turning to politics, it appears, the more negative qualities they have the better their chance.However there is no question that one of the most essential tools of a politician is a tongue.He uses it freely. and irresponsibly one might add.As one saint said "tongue- the organ without bridles, reins or harness".A man can be driven by a tongue controlled by a mind to heaven or mind controlled by tongue to hell.
( Posted: Monday , April 30, 2007 at 07:53 )

Afzal Guru Clemency-IBN30Apr2007

It is highly reassuring to hear that President Kalamsays Law of the land will prevail.I wonder why the proponents of the clemencywill not look at the fact that even by faint association with such terrorist acts, the individual was committing a crime against a nation and its citizens.Did the question of lenience cross the perpetrators mind even remotely when planning or carrying out this dastardly act?Why should the question of lenience arise?Knowing well how our judicial and prosecution worksit is more likely to err on the side of lenience than otherwise.
( Posted: Monday , April 30, 2007 at 07:26 )

Friday, April 27, 2007

Venkateshwara and VVIPS-IBN27Apr2007

Mythologically, Lord Venkateshwara is known for his bias towards the rich and the famous.
Since day or night time does not matter to Him, He as the sole beneficiary of the VIP visit can accommodate them during the late night 11pm to 5am.
This graveyard shift can be renamed VIP shift.
It would also be easier on the VIP security as there would be no AAM Janata to protect the VIPS from.
As far as the AAM Janata is concerned nothing else would suit them better.
Those paparazzis and fans who love to see these VIPS and be inconvenienced by them can collect around the temples for special Darshan in that shift.

Should MPs Privileges be scrapped-IBN 25 Apr 2007

We Indians as usual misunderstand the term Public Servants.In India, it means Public are Politicians Servants.
Ofcourse, they should be scrapped.
What's more additional restraints should be introduced to make them more accountable for the way they represent the people.
Most of them are just enjoying themselves for five years and ensuring that their families for generations dont have to work for a living.
They are extracting a very heavy price from the people they represent for "their service to the nation".
We should not tolerate any more blackmail from them.

Sandeep's death in a Borewell-IBN27Apr2007

M B Nataraj
Fourteen year old Sandeep's death by falling into an open borewell, was a regrettable and preventable accident.At around the same time Three college teachers near yelahanka were mowed down and killed by a jeep driver who was probably drunk and todate untraceable. I donot see the same kind of media coverage, sympathy out pour for losing 3 provenly valuable assets to the society who had contributed atleast about 100 man years of service teaching our youngsters.Their families will have to struggle for years in courts to even get any kind of compensation(a third or more of which will be swallowed by the lawyers despite a no contingency fee rule on the paper).The insurance does not have to pay if the driver is proven drunk at the time.It is not likely since he has not yet been traced 96 hours later.Can we afford to spend 14 lakhs of tax payers moneyin this kind of rescue exercise?A few lakhs instead could have been given to the parents as compensation.The rest spent on more urgent needs.I suspect extra media attention forced the district administration to go to all this extavaganza.or have they really spent that kind of money or is it just a scam to skim some money?

Traffic woes-LEDS TOI 26Apr2007

With reference to "Traffic Woes: A Tale of two cities"
(page 7,
looking at the extreme prevalence of traffic violations in Bangalore, the 5000 cases fined per day is a pitiful fraction of the actual.
It is likely that 70 to 75 percent of the drivers on road at any time violate one or more rule while on road.
It is impossible to meaningfully enforce the law with a minute fraction of the 2000 traffic police -Sub inspectors and higher- challaning the offenders.
Blackberries and hi tech gadgets cannot improve compliance as they are again limited by the numbers.
At best they help track crimes and accidents quickly.
The enforcement officials must seriously consider making responsible citizens, retired officials and NGO members their partners in tackling violations unbiasedly.
It requires just common sense not any extraordinary legal experience or professional training to spot violations.
This will instill fear of law in the now uncontrolled Habitual Intentional Violators, who make the roads dangerous to all.
They authorities could go a step further and reward the assistance rendered with say 10% of the amount realized as opposed to 40 percent, in the western countries.
This additional penalty for being spotted by others will go farther than anything else in rapidly reforming the violators.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

British Airways illegal action?LEDSTOI23Apr2007

I read the day's foreign news about Sheikh Hasina offloaded at Bangladesh Authorities request by British Airways.

is British Airways an airline or a branch of Scotland yard or interpol?

She had as a citizen of Bangladesh a right to go back home if she chose, irrespective of the directive of the Military government.
It was the duty of British Airways to take her back to her home country if she held a valid ticket.
British Airways has this apple shining servile attitude
towards governments world over.
This is not the first time that their counter agents have acted as immigration and police authorities, denying boarding to valid ticket/passport/visa holding passengers.
In transit, transatlantic passengers at boarding points are offloaded because they do not have British visas etc.
Later, after the passengers have been inconvenienced immensely, they offer lame excuses that it should not have happened.
This is a most despicable behaviour by an airline and a country too.
This reminds me of the pie dogs walking under a bullock cart in hot tropical sun in India.
Britain come out of Bush's tail.

TOI catering to Prurience?-LEDS23Apr2007


I realize this might be the end of my 20 years of published letters in TOI.
If so, so be it.

Are you entering second adolescence after 100 years?

I read today's Bangalore Times, issue with Prominent headlines "WOMAN ON TOP...OR NOT" and "OVER ALREADY?" succeeding each other, with great embarassment and shame at my daily morning dining table family meet, in front of my children.
I am not a prude. I am considered a liberal in my age group(http://mbnataraj.blogspot.com/).
But these double entendre, innuendo heavy headlines made me ashamed of being a TOI reader.
I have been noticing this rapid TOI slide to prurient journalism Of late.
Front page banner headlines of Indian male's prowess in Bed or female's dissatisfaction in it leading the charge.
If this is news your readers seek it should be available in a special over 18 only edition.
You are I am sure fully aware an individual is judged by his reading habits.
I have no intention of being classified as a Harold Robbins or Playboy type just because I subscribe to Times of India.
Being a TOI reader should not be the equivalent of buying condoms at a newpaper kiosk or index of prurience.
Catering to a section of your readers or circulation figures, do not go down the India Today/Reader's Digest- path.

One of these days you might find yourself, losing your loyal readers.
You could check this out conducting one of your innumerable opinion polls specifically about this question, this time for your own sake.
If losing ashamed readers is not a big deal to you,
then you are on the right road.

who should retire from Karnatka Politics-TOI-23Apr2007

Who else should retire from Karnataka politics? I think the relevant question would be who should be in Karnataka Politics? We are tired of the scum politics is producing and retaining. We donot mind sacrificing democracy for a few decades just being run by babus who will keep changeing as they reach superannuation. Unlike these politicians, who will continue to haunt us from beyond the grave even.Posted by M B Nataraj @ 4/23/2007 8:49 AM

Very Important Criminals-IBN-20Apr2007

These peoples representatives, politicians and officials, who violate laws they promised to upholdshould be considered as VERY IMPORTANT CRIMINALS.The country should be wary of these terrorists who undermine the country from within pretending to be its protectors.People are naturally on the alert for criminals from without. But we have to be careful of criminals from within.Instead, we tolerate nay encourage perpetuating these rascals and criminals who have rotted our system for personal greed from within.A rot of the most dangerous kind. We exhibit collective indifference about our duties as Indians. We talk 24/7 about patriotism and our great heritage.Deterioration of values with time is inevitable. Two fold effort is required, to maintain the values first and second to improve it. We do nothing. We are very busy ASKING WHAT THE COUNTRY CAN DO FOR US THAN TO DO WHAT CAN FOR THE COUNTRY.

Katara case right for fast track court-IBN20Apr2007

Babubhai's crime is a fit case for Suo motu cognizance by the highest authority in the landthe supreme court and treat it as a priority casein a fast track court.It should be decided very very expeditiously preferabley before the criminals manage to get bail and tamper with the witnesses and evidence.Witness and evidence tampering is a foregone conclusion. Since he belongs to a national party whose image is involved.He and his gang should be rewarded with exemplary punishment as a deterrent lesson to other criminals involved in violating the nations laws or even contemplating it.The three arms of the government should not interfere and protect these criminals in national interest. The judiciary should give up the complacent "rarest of rare cases" attitude it generally adopts in punishing this man.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Patriotism?-LEDS TOI 15Apr2007

I have watched the overblown unsavoury controversies kicked up maliciously about trivial incidents under the guise of disrespect to tricolor and national anthem against leading personalities.

Everyone is fundamentally patriotic.

The cumulative actions of the representatives, leaders and parties over time that creates a sense of shame in being Indian.

These kinds of "subjective" issues are invariably raked up when party's fortunes are on the wane.

Only politics can routinely elevate this subjective interpretation to a fine art of settling political scores.
Divert attention from more pressing issues.
Make many routine words like Hindus, Hindutva, Patriotism, Muslims, minorities, OBC, SC, Reservation etc their political copyright.
They apply their subjective interpretations to malign others.
This is unacceptable and reprehensible behaviour.
It should be most strongly concemned by all.

Instead, improve thyself.
That will collectively improve your image and consequently the country's.
Right thinking INDIANS should stop being PAWNS of these manipulator's.
However, in this highly unemployed democracy of ours there will always be sufficient numbers to decimate the "dissidents".
Here is a question for those who will brand this letter also as "UNPATRIOTIC".
How many of you would have returned with a leading US university's postgraduate degree at the age of 21, thirty five years ago to serve the sick and the poor's healthcare needs honestly for less than menial returns?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Case filed against sachin for cutting tricolored cake-IBN12Apr2007

This is the height of issuelessness for politicians and parties.
Under the guise of Public service they are willing to rake up nonissues.
This is similar to young punks throwing stones at riots, bandhs and strikes called by equally purposeless politicians.
We do not have copyright on the three permitted food colorings red yellow and green.
The same tricolors are those of other nations too and they do not take umbrage?
The judge should have recognized this as a publicity hunting exercise by an unknown party and an obscure individual seeking lime light. He should have used his discretion in admitting the case.
This case should have been admitted only if filed by the government.
When it comes for hearing, the complainant, his plankless party and the lawyer who should be the justice systems amicus curiae, should be fined heavily for misusing the judicial process.
It is this kind of misuse (75 percent of the cases one of the parties is the government!) that has clogged our judicial system and made it meaningless for most people who badly need it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sachin tricolor cake cutter-IBN 11Apr2007

Somebody (now we have reduced poor Sachin to that level) cutting some cake made by someone somewhere, sometime, using the three health permitted colors is made into a patriotic issue?
We shamelessly tolerate or violate all of our values, principles, ideals, laws, on a 24/7 basis.
We pretend to be a Hindu nation without practicing or understanding what it is to be a Hindu. A plank that is pushed centre stage for political reasons.
We pay obeisance, offer coconuts, flowers and fruits to the pantheon of gods from the front and urinate on it side walls.
We take umbrage on behalf of Gandhi which Gandhi himself would have brushed off.

We seriously, totally lack wisdom to decide what issues are relevant and valid.

May be our daily prayer should be for the maturity and ability to choose causes worth espousing.

NRN Murthy bashing-IBN-11Apr2007

I donot think Narayana Murthy ever sought the post.It is not fair to drag him on to a bandwagon that has not even left the station and then bash him senseless.We elect people's representatives over and over again and again despite their lies, miserable performance, antinational and social acts and positively criminal behaviour.We never call upon them to perform or better still send them to the jails where most of them should be for their violations of law.Why bash Murthy?or is it a concerted attempt to derail the murthy for president bandwagon on a longshot that it becomes a reality?
( Posted: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 at 08:10 )

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Manmohan singh's directive to courts-TOILEDS9Apr2007

It is with deep alarm that I read today's front page
news of people's representative Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's directive to the judiciary not to overstep limits of judicial activism.
As a respected, knowledgeable world figure, he was probably aware , historically that, it is the judiciary as a last resort that upholds the law through judicial activism when legislature and executive repeatedly fail to do so.
The hardly veiled threat, coming from an ex UN man, is a red flag boding ill for democracy and the rule of law.

It is disheartening to see him disabled from leading the country at a time it needs it badly.
But this is a price he pays belonging to a party of surname power based hierarchy.
Consequently the country is deprived of its full potential of available resources.
This is the time for immediate course correction to let the law of the land reign unhindered, if India has to survive as a positive factor.

What prompted these killers?TOI 10Apr2007 page 6

What motivated the three young killers? The recent photograph (April 7 and 8) of Manoj Kumar and his brutal killers evoked a profound sense of sadness and social failure — that we failed to provide discipline, support and guidance in a moment of weakness which could have prevented this. Fact: a very young treasure of the society is dead, killed by three young persons. Still, they could have potentially been valuable members of society. At least 25 other lives intertwined with these lives are shattered for life. It raised very disturbing questions which need urgent answers. What motivated them? The visual media which give immediate access to everyone, into the luxurious lives of the better-off, creating an unattainable sense of envy or deprivation? Creating a vision of immediate fulfilment of goals, as conveyed by movies and serials, where wealth appears quickly and easily? This is contrary to real life where it takes years of hard work and sacrifice to achieve even simple goals. Whatever the motive, the bigger question that should haunt us is: what do we do with these three young lives that erred? What would be adequate justice for the family that lost a valuable member? Will a few years in a correctional institution rehabilitate them into useful members of the society? Or will it make them into bigger criminals? Whatever the answers, they are frightening

Thursday, April 05, 2007

zee challenges BCCI-IBN 4 Apr 2007

Excellent idea Mr Subhash Chandra.
It is time that extinct, defunct dinosaurean, condemnable institutions like our old politicians, BCCI, brown babu clubs were scrapped and euthanized to make India modern and vibrant.

You can hear the quaver in the BCCI statement talking about permissions and licences necessary from them, ICC, to hold matches in local stadia etc, is actually a bluff covering up for fear that they are actually powerless in this matter. In these days of sponsorpship sport, which is based on performance BCCI and Doordarshan must be realizing that they are outdated and no longer a monopoly tolerated.
They did not have the will or the power to cleanse a match fixing and politics contaminated system even to save themselves. It is disgustingly shameful to talk now about permits and licenses like a government monopoly.
All the power to you Mr Subhash Chandra, we are with you to eliminate BCCI and other monopolies.
All of our national businesses should join Mr Chandra in his effort.