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Thursday, March 31, 2011

6000 Bangalore road deaths too high a price for speed or progress

Looking at the way people drive in Bengaluru, the figures appear to be on the lower side.
More cautious, responsible driving is the only solution. Twenty avoidable deaths a day cost Bengaluru atleast 4 crores per day without including the incaluable permanent loss to the family structure of the victims. All because one driver was impatient? Too high a price for speed or progress.

6,000 died on roads in City last year

ruse to extract money on caste basis? Shiney Ahuja case?

The honorable judge has erred. Whatever compulsions made the maid withdraw the complaint, in the strictly private sphere of sex her withdrawal should have been given utmost weightage. Conclusion of rape just on the basis of clinical evidence is fraught with extreme danger of total misinterpretation of various shades of gray between consensual sex and rape. Relying on such evidence in the face of withdrawal of accusation, grave miscarriage of justice appears to have been done to Shiney. The involved parties should have the option to withdraw. From the outset the case looked like a vendetta or a political ruse to extract money on the basis of the maids caste. Unfortunately the judge has also been taken in by the ruse.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

number matching more critical than scale

Excellent performance on corruption front. We are working towards a perfect ten. In addition as befitting a socialist democracy, we are equalizing inflation rate and corruption at around 10. Number matching -a strictly human invention/concept-is more important than the comparison scale.


Monday, March 28, 2011

amend tax,traffic,pollution laws to presumption of guilt

Enforcement of most of the socially impactful laws like tax, traffic, pollution, etc should be amended to presumption of guilt. The accused must be made to prove that he is not gulity instead of the state proving him guilty. Since the penalties are primarily fines, the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt used in criminal cases need not be followed. Successful prosecution rate and public faith in the majesty and might of law will increase consequently.

Wheelies and DUI fatalities should be tried under first degree culpable homicide

We the citizens have constantly tried to assist the traffic police by noting down numbers when we can,inspite of the defective number plates. Investing time and money in our own cameras and binoculars, Videographing, photographing these criminals doing their acts.May8 or 10 2010, a wheelie duo died exactly in this stretch. How and why is it that the Kamakshipalya jurisdictional police have not yet cracked down on this criminality with brass knuckles?
This case should be tried as culpable homicide in the first degree
and the highest penalty imposed on this criminal as a lesson to
others.Mico police inpsector hung the bike as a lesson from a tree in front of the station. Kamakshipalya jursidictional police should hang the motorcyclist.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

BWSSB Bondage

Valvemen turn into water mafia
Poornima Nataraj, Bangalore, March 25, DHNS:

As temperatures soar and water availability dips, citizens have a menace to cope with - the BWSSB staff who regulate the water supply.

There have been numerous complaints against the valvemen alleging that they don’t turn on the supply on time and that they demand bribe from consumers.

“I have not received water for three days now, as the valveman here demands money and controls the water supply,” says Sanjay, a resident of Saraswathipuram.

“Many residents want water and don't mind giving him a few bucks. But for how long can we encourage this? There has to be a solution,” Sanjay fumes. He said his area received water only for 15-20 minutes, whereas the neighbouring areas receive supply for over two hours.

The citizens have begun to resist. Recently, in Yeshwanthpur, a valveman was beaten up for withholding water. “We had announced a water shutdown for some major work. Not aware of it, many of them gathered at the sub-division office, threw my vehicle on the road, and tried to assault me before I was rescued by a senior officer,” said the valveman.

According to Rudre Gowda, president, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board Employees’ Association, there are only 190 regular BWSSB valvemen for 28 sub-divisions and 180 of them have been outsourced from different agencies. “Regular employees normally do not take any tips or bribes. Hired workers are actually causing problems and most of them have been appointed in the areas newly added to BBMP,” said Gowda.

Since 2008, the BWSSB has not appointed regular staff against vacancies existing or coming up, but hires workers from private agencies.

T Venkataraju, BWSSB engineer-in-chief, said that he was aware of valvemen taking bribes.

“There are many valvemen who are supplying water, especially to apartments, after receiving some tips from them. Citizens should take the initiative and stop encouraging such activities and report it to the engineer concerned,” he said.

Venkataraju said many residents are unaware of the schedule of water supply. To streamline the supply and to bring transparency, the Board is preparing a time-table which will be out shortly. Residents in every area will know at what time they will receive water, he added.

BWSSB chairman P B Ramamurthy said that they are in the process of appointing new workers and in a month’s time, regular valvemen will be appointed.

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By: M B Nataraj
On: 26 Mar 2011 08:28 pm

Rudre gowdre, your statement"“Regular employees normally do not take any tips or bribes. Hired workers are actually causing problems and most of them have been appointed in the areas newly added to BBMP,” said Gowda." is the biggest lie and you know it. This problem has been faced by us for over 3 decades even before BWSSB outsourced jobs. It is also a crime for BWSSB to charge us in blocks if it is correct. They can aswell remove the meters and charge arbitrarily. Many citizens have sunk borewells to get out of this bondage to BWSSB but still continue to pay for a useless connection. Consumer fora should take suomotu action on this kind of government organized anticonsumer monopoly practise.


reckless endangerment of countless human lives

It is not the cash value involved in the corrupt licensing racket that is shocking. But the fact that these creeps- be they dgca officials, pilots or other useless scum, were willing to recklessly endanger countless unknown lives. This is no different from a terrorist making a bomb and setting it off. For this crime they should pay. Especially if a link can be found in the crashes and accidents that have taken place in the period this scam has been going on.


Friday, March 25, 2011

would you have agreed to be treated by her ?

But you never said you or your family members would go and get treated by her if she had qualified? Before advising me to use my brain kindly use yours. I suspect not. If she did not have the mental stability or strength to see the effects of her actions she was not fit to be a doctor. Her suicide proves that. She put the family through the agony. Thank MSR authorities for having the guts to suspend her and take all this crap from public.
By: At_3
On: 24 Mar 2011 07:14 pm

Mr.M.B.Nataraj !Her death devastated her family, which remains as heartbroken today as it ... daughter," her father said as he wept while reading this news...And use your brain .. College authority should have just given her a 'D' or an 'F' in the particular subject, that would have been punishment more than enough and a crude deterrent for future cheating practices. Singling out her and suspending is something very harsh and moreover taking a written acceptance is something very severe, college authorities should consider changing their ways of handling such cases. It a human life for God's sake , without counseling many students would do same what she has done, it is tragic, OR They should have called her parents and told them what happened, ... my heartiest condolences for her family, RIP.

should quit he will be back

He should quit. He does not have to worry about his gaddi. Going by the country's record he will be begged to comeback and honorably escorted back to his chair.

Do you think PM should take moral responsibility for the cash-for-votes scandal and quit?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

dont weep for :dr" durgesh patients lives were saved

Dont weep for "dr" durgesh. Many patients were saved by her suicide. What is your point dr shree? would you submit your life to Dr Durgesh who could not honestly pass an exam ? The college was right. She was wrong. This is the same case with the present Pilot's fake license scam, even more dangerous than this because lot more lives are endangered. As a patient I would not like to be treated by an unethical doctor. If she could not pass an exam then she should not be a doctor.


By: dr.shree
On: 24 Mar 2011 05:49 pm

Now the Student is Dead, what they have achieved ?Probably I think they have achieved something very a valuable Lesson.

Imbecile motorcyclist, school bus damaged

On: 24 Mar 2011 05:35 pm

This is sheer mob lawlessness. Always happens in Road Accidents, fatal or not. Taking law into their own hands by mobs are not to be tolerated anylonger. The simple fact is the imbecile driver Manjunath recklessly endangered FOUR lives fatally.If he survived should pay for the crime. He is the culprit. Why should the school bus driver pay for Manjunath's crime?

Monday, March 21, 2011

results of succefull corruption

This is the result of the famous Indira Gandhi carte blanc legalizing corruption by certifying it a worldwide phenomenon. As if that justified it. Now everything is successfully corrupt.


scrap constitution and revert to barbarism

Mr Manjunath, it does not matter a donkeys tail whether you agree with me or not. Only violators and law breakers are in agreement with this regularization.
You would have take an opposite position if you didnot benefit from this illegality.
Do you think you would have paid any extra money to the officials to sanction your building plan if it were in accordance with Law?
Mr Arun is right in that 99 percent of thieving doesnot make it legal.
By now it should be obvious to the government that this law is illegal and admission of its obvious inability to enforce law.
Returned with thanks from 3 governors should be an eye opener even for the obviously blind lawless citizens.
Why not scrap the entire constitution and all laws and go back to barbaric days?

brilliant and heartening decision in these days of akrama sakrama amendments

This is perhaps the most brilliant and heartening decision for the citizens who were wondering if there is any law prevailing in the country at all.
Consecutive governments kept converting akramas into sakramas for money or votes, reducing law to an unenforceable farce.
This decision puts the whole law or democracy issue into proper but not necessarily popular perspective.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

harsher terms necessary to curb dui

good. harsher sentences are mandatory to create a sense of fear about drunken driving in drivers. the message -society will not tolerate reckless abuse of laws should be loud and clear, for all to hear.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

feces *hit the fan

Donot these so called and religious leaders have any Public relations department for their organizations?
They seem to believe throwing dung at the detractors face is the same as wiping your face clean?
Americans have a graphic description for this phenomenon earlier called spitting into the wind.
Feces * hit the fan.

Nityananda case
The high court has ordered notice to the CBI, home secretary, DGP and Ramanagaram police on a petition filed by Nitya Supriyananda alias Pushpa, a devotee of Swami Nityananda.

The petitioner has claimed that Bidadi police did not register her complaint against Lenin Kuruppan, former driver of Swami Nityananda, of trying to rape and abuse her. She has sought a CBI probe into the issue.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Shoot on sight , shoot to kill should be the message to terrorists, pirates and drugs

Congratulations to the Indian government and the Navy for having made their stand clear to the world about not tolerating piracy of Indian lives and property no matter how far from Indian shores it is. A strong message needed to be sent out to these criminals and the world that India will not tolerate any invasion of its people or property. Now fast track courts have to be used to mete out the stringest punishment. and that should be broadcast to the world to prevent repeat attempts. India should take pride in its citizens and property the same way USA does no matter where on earth their citizens are endangered. One example is we do not have deferential treatment in immigration and customs for returning citizens and permanent residents the way all civilized countries have.

In fact shoot to kill on sight should convey a strong message on our approach towards such criminals and their acts. They do not deserve any justice or fairplay. India IS NOT A SOFT TARGET any more should be the clear message-for terrorism,piracy or drugs.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

dressed provocatively is asking to be raped?

The foolishness apart what does it say about crime rate in the city? Exactly the same modus operandi has been tolerated at malls, banks,theatres etc since 90's. Still no concrete steps have been taken to combat the problem. It is a question of social order.Most reactions sound as if you are dressed provocatively you should be raped. The basic fact is there is no fear of law. Enforcement and penalties virtually non existent.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Elevator shaft tolerance should not be man size

Hello MR SG, A good lift design SHOULD NOT REPEAT SHOULD NOT HAVE gap (meaning big enough for a man to fall through five floors down) does not require kind of tolerances. If it had it

12 hrs ago (04:46 AM)What one fails to understand is how or why should there be such a big gap enough for a man to fall through ? Is it not a design flaw? If such a big clearance is necessary at all for the proper fucntioning, it should be at the back of the lift totally inaccessible to the passengers.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

BJP should provide responsible and dignified opposition

BJP should maintain dignified and responsible opposition. They should stop taking cheap shots at the beleaguered prime minister. An apology from the prime minister does not fulfil their job of demanding accountability. Instead they should prod the government with regular updates and follow up on the investigation.


Friday, March 04, 2011

Labor unions should be liable for criminal acts of its members

DGM burnt alive by workers
Bhubaneswar, March 3, DHNS:

The deputy general manager (DGM) of a mid-size, privately run steel plant was killed when a group of agitated workers set his vehicle on fire in Titlagarh town in western Orissa Bolangir district on Thursday afternoon over labour dispute.

The local police have begun an investigation after registering a case. No arrest had been made till the filing of this report. The incident has sent a shockwave in the industrial circles of the state.

According to reports reaching the state headquarters, the DGM of Powmex Steel, R S Roy was coming out of the plant during lunch break when a group of 25 workers stopped his vehicle and dragged the driver and another employee of the plant out.

They then poured kerosene and petrol on the vehicle and set it on fire while the DGM was still inside. The security men of the plant rushed to the spot and rescued Roy. However, by that time he had already received serious burns on his body.

Roy was immediately rushed to the government hospital in Titlagarh and subsequently shifted to the district hospital in Bolangir town where he succumbed to his injuries. The plant has witnessed labour unrest for the last one and half years. Bolangir Superintendant of Police A K Sarangi said, the miscreants will be identified and arrested very soon. “We have already begun a thorough investigation. This is a serious case. Two special squads have been formed to nab the culprits”, he said.

According to the labour unions, the incident could have been avoided had the local labour office intervened in the laubour unrest which was going on in the factory since long and made an attempt to settle the dispute between the management and the workers.

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By: M.B.Nataraj
On: 04 Mar 2011 06:50 am

Labor unions cannot shirk off their criminal responsibility so easily. If law can be amended to hold political parties calling for bandhs liable for damages and costs to society. It can certainly be amended to hold labor unions criminally liable for murder and other acts by its members and they should be.

CVC Thomas action shameful thus far

CVC Thomas action so far shamefully illustrates the kid with a lolly refusing to let it go at any cost. It reflected his values towards the high post he was appointed to. His values on Ethics and Morals that it demanded. On thosge grounds alone,he was not fit for the post. What is amazing is that no one had the power or influence to dissuade him from moving the courts. In order to avoid such ballistic missiles ruining the nations image and credibility, the job contract should include an escape clause that specifically bars the incumbent from approaching courts against the pleasure of the government. It may be arbitrary but like the trade secrets clause it has become mandatory now.

Absolute duty

It is amazing that a tainted appointee had the guts and gumption to go to court. It is more surprising that the government was impotent to dissuade him. Future contracts should vest an absolute duty on the appointee to resign at the wishes of the government instead of embarassing them like this.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Vest absolute duty in appointee

It is amazing that a tainted appointee had the guts and gumption to go to court. It is more surprising that the government was impotent to dissuade him. Future contracts should vest an absolute duty on the appointee to resign at the wishes of the government instead of embarassing them like this.

Slap in the face or pat on the back

Slap in the face. Just as someone is slapping you in the face you will instantly turn it away is it not?
No one wants to be slapped in the face, by a hand or a chappal?
Then when you offer your back to the slap instead of face it becomes a pat on the back.
That is what Indian philosophy calls MAYA. Everything is an illusion. It just depends on where you are standing!. Your point of view.

CVC Thomas course of action thus far shameful

CVC Thomas action so far shamefully illustrates the kid with a lolly refusing to let it go at any cost.
It reflected his values towards the high post he was appointed to. His values on Ethics and Morals that it demanded. On thosge grounds alone,he was not fit for the post. What is amazing is that no one had the power or influence to dissuade him from moving the courts.
In order to avoid such ballistic missiles ruining the nations image and credibility, the job contract should include an escape clause that specifically bars the incumbent from approaching courts against the pleasure of the government. It may be arbitrary but like the trade secrets clause it has become mandatory now.
Supreme court strikes down appointment of PJ Thomas

PJ Tomas CVC case Wait and Pakalam

We can only wait and see. Either way it will be a historical order for the global image & perception of mera Bharat. Will it be Mahan?

Read more: SC all set for verdict on Thomas - The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/SC-all-set-for-verdict-on-Thomas/articleshow/7615850.cms#ixzz1FVBFtBeU

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Terrorism threat overrated and overstated creates paranoia

By: M B Nataraj
On: 02 Mar 2011 12:35 pm

It appears to be an airline error. This paranoia about terrorists seems over stated and over rated. Even minor insignificant errors get blown up like this. I can understand terrorist concern if this passenger had turned out to be a terrorist.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Over misuse of dowry harassment damaging Indian family structure

Again what misuse of RIT? It is paradoxical to call it misuse. It is just information that is and should be available to the public as a matter of right. It has not been most likely as it would inconvenience the department concerned. Infact if it is criminal history of the relatives, it should be first in public domain to protect the society. The excuse looks fishy as hell.
Both Kumars should sue the police for wrongful arrest and claim appropriate legal damages, remedies including prosecution of the authority ordering and carrying out the arrest.
CRISP seems to be doing a good job of protecting wrongly maligned husbands. Over injudicious misuse of this harassment clause is going to cause immense damage to marriages and family values of the country. A result not foreseen by the law makers blinded by urgency to act against dowry and harassment because of the horrific global image it projects.


Sibal the lawyer or politician?

We are ardinary citizens who dont speak/understand foren language inglish two much.
Buttu even ssslc failu -if spectrum was auctioned the price would be zero," means that only na?
Or May be Lawyer Sibal has difficulty fitting into Role Politician easily without having to have the supreme court interpret and clarify all his statements through 300 page judgements.
Where even the single line order we ordinary citizens may have difficulty understanding. Considering we do not know red light means stop green go and yellow means caution.


snatching failure from the jaws of success

Why did the government have to take over a national pride business from Tatas and in no time turn it around to a matter of national shame?
This really proves Government's extraordinary capacity at undertaking ( business of funeral director!). Snatching failure from the jaws of success.