I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

rude courier boys ruin international Journal of Biophotonics reputation-30Sep2008

This is with reference to the International Journal of Biophotonics.
You have been sending the issues through some uncivilized rude courier company-palex? - I could not get the name because after I signed the receipt stating that I was a family member
have received the issue. I did not want to give him my phone number as these lists are being sold unscrupulously.
The extremely rude delivery boy grabbed the issue from my hand and took it back.
I guess this subscription should be through your asia office?The unsavoury incident reeks of rudeness- firstly ringing the bell to deliver some journal not meaningful to any other member of the family at an odd hour.
In addition create a bad image(since I donot remember which courier agency it is- the bad name will rub off to your reputed journal.
Kindly discontinue your journals as I have no wish to have a fight with some crass courier company's crass delivery boys and spoil my day and mood.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

homosexuality social vice-toi-27Sep2008-internet debate

Ah the moral police to the fore again.
The rishis and munis had more freedom 50 centuries ago than in modern day
India whose vision and wisdom was made myopic in just
2 centuries by the british.
How else can the centre's homophobic stand that homosexuality between consenting adults is
termed a "social vice"?
What about heterosexuality, alcoholism, thievery,corruption, smoking etc ?
They are also social vices?
Have they been curbed by criminal penalties?
This kind of myopia is bad for the world's largest democracy.


AA-Airlines annonymous? kingfisher/continental-27sep2008

> airlines, for good or bad you are married to each other and the> public> perception of each others action sticks and even hits the fan often, no> matter how vehemently you deny the same.>> However, on behalf of the travelling public, I thank you very much for> enlgihtening your attitudes/ policies (".....,compensation is not> provided> for customer's perception of perception behavior")> regarding Continental's - public image, integrity, reputation issues.>> I very sincerely hope the same nonchalance does not extend to flight> operations, with all the obvious consequences to human life.> The only reason I sent you the message again is because you had said you> will revert back to me regarding refund as soon as the office opens? over> four or five days ago and you didnot.>> The only issue you still have not clarified is whether I should pursue the> refund matter with you or Kingfisher.>> Your joint unfulfilled duty rests on resolving the issue expeditiously in> everyones interest.

PRESS CONFERENCE BY EX SERVICEMEN-letter to the president-26sep2008

Dear Madam President,
I would have sent this to the Prime minister and the other leaders if they had chosen to have a contact with the public via email.
The raw deal to the military is an extreme matter of national shame.
It should make you and us hang our heads down in regret.
Why does this happen at all in this country repeatedly?
You must act as the head of the defence forces immediately to protect them from these bureaucrats and politicians.
You owe it to them.
Sincerely yours,
Mr. M B Nataraj
Microbiologist Medical Technologist

Dated : 23 Sep 2008**INVITATION FOR PRESS CONFERENCE **INDIAN EX SERVICEMEN MOVEMENT AGAINST INJUSTICE TO **DEFENCE FORCES: 6TH PAY COMMISSION**Dear Members of the Press.**1. The Govt is Dilly- Dallying on the legitimate demands put forward bythe three Chiefs and the Veteran Defence Oganizations. It is not understoodas to why the Defence Personnel have been given a raw deal not only in theirpay and allowances but also in their status, respect and selfesteem whichprogressively have been downgraded. There appears to be an intentionalill-treatment of our Military; otherwise, how would one explain that LtCols who were drawing Rs 800/- more than their counter parts in civil andpara military forces till today will get Rs 14,000/- less after the awardof 6th Pay Commission is implemented? Also how DGP rank officers have beenplaced higher then the Lt Gen? Why One rank One Pension demand has not beenaccepted? Why the Govt has made an IAS Officer member of the proposed ExServicemen commission? The Ex Servicemen commission must have all membersfrom the Ex Servicemen? Why assured second career till the age of 60 yearsis not given to the Defence Personnel who retire between the ages 35 yearsto 42 years? Why PBORs are getting far less terminal benefits than theircivilian counter parts? There is endless list of legitimate grievances ofthe Defence Forces. Now, when the three Chiefs have done their duty toproject the legitimate demands, the Govt ill advised by bureaucracy isdelaying the decision to give the due justice to the Defence Forces. ****2. There is need to bring to the notice of the people of India about theinjustices done to the Defence Forces and the glaring inadequacies insecurity both against internal and external threats. Some of the aspectsare as under:-*** - *All previous successive Govts have ignored the soldier and hurt his self pride by downgrading his status, respect and self esteem by various means. The present Govt, through the members of 6th Pay Commission has done the damage which has far reaching consequences.*** - *All patriotic Indian should beseech their conscience and put their hands on their hearts and ask themselves. "Is the security of the country getting the attention in term of resources in men and material it deserves? Or are we only paying lip service to our security needs??? All the indicators points towards lowering standards in quality and content.*** - *Are the Defence forces being used as canon fodder as is evidenced from the fact that after the Kabul Blast in the case of IFS officer the PM announced full pay and allowance to the NOK of deceased officer till he would have attained the age of 60 years while no such announcements were made in respect of Brig Mehta. Also no print and electronic media coverage is given to the 2- 3 Defence Personnel sacrificing their lives daily in terrorist/militant actions in insurgencies while non stop coverage for many hours given to police officers. A sacrifice is a sacrifice and should get similar recognition irrespective of service etc. *** - *The strongest pillar of Democracy, the Defence Forces if crack there is nothing which can save the nation.*** - *It is impossible for a soldier to fight without a national pride instilled in him. The Govt of the day on the ill advice of bureaucracy are doing all that they can to destroy that pride.*** - *Second rate incentives attract second rate people, but, the Defence of a country can not be entrusted to second rate persons. *** - *Civil supremacy, all the world over means, "supremacy of elected civilian representatives of the people' and NOT that of the 'Civil Servants', who do not represent the 'people' but are their 'servants'. While most of the politicians are well meaning, it is the IAS Babus who thwart their good intentions as they did in 1990 when the then the Prime Minister, Mr VP Singh wanted to sanction 'One Rank One Pension'.*** - *"Nation which does not ensure Security is doomed to fail. "No amount of Economic prosperity will bring security for the nation if the nation cannot address its security first.*** - *"The solider protects what? Guards whom? A piece of terrain! Barren, inhospitable, worthless? No! for the love of his country and countrymen, his motherland he protects, her citizens he guards, his KARMA he performs, with honour and pride, for your tomorrow he sacrifices his today."*** - *If the matters National Security and functioning of Defence Forces are not resolved on priority, the Nation will creep into pre 1962 disastrous situation.*** - *Anybody saying "We don't need Defence Forces is berefit of all knowledge of the Defence Forces. In order to ensure integrity and sovereignty of the country, there is need to strengthen the Defence Forces. ** ** ** **3. In order to intensify our Movement through various action plans inthe near future, a Press Conference will be held at Press Club of India NewDelhi on 03 Oct 2008 at 12 'O' clock noon. All members of the Press bothelectronic and print are requested to attend and carry the story in TVChannel/ News paper/Magazines. Your cooperation to project the right causeof the Defence Forces will go a long way in addressing their legitimatedemands. **With Kind Regards,**Yours Sincerely,** * * **Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM**Vice Chairman Indian ESM Movement** Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570** Email: **satbirsm@yahoo.com*

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kingfisher fit to be the Airlines Anonymous -not Alcohlics Anonymous- club 4Sep2008

Hello Chairmen of,
Continental &
Kingfisher airlines,

If this is the Five star experience that Kingfisher can best provide , at its head quarters in Bangalore with Vijay Mallya a phone call away I cannot imagine what it does
in the rest of the places it tends.
The only five star flying experience appears to be reserved for those passengers whose better senses have or can be anesthetised with complimentary company distillates.

This is illustrated by the nightmarish experience of the return half of my family's Newark- Bangalore-Newark trip on continental on 3 sep 2008.

Which is exactly why liquor barons habituated to instantly dulling better senses with liquor barrels should not venture into an industry fundamentally relying on alertness and promptness

Despite spending 3 valuable hours on the last day of departure with continental and kingfisher telephonic support,
very crucial factors like, confusing
continental saying vehement YES and Kingfisher doing a virginal YES AND NO to
1) whether the kingfisher would check in the baggage all the way to its final destination newark,
2) flight would reach domestic/internationa airport at mumbai,
3) kingfisher would provide groundtransportation to the international terminal- were never clear.
After we got to the airport by 3.45pm for the 18.20 flight, we checked with the counter ------
while, waiting without any tannoy announcement , till one of us noticed a cancelled sign next to the flight display.
Checking what happened and what happens next,
we discovered the degree of Kingfisher's Bangalore operation's inefficiency , irresponsibility, inexperience ,indifference and total disregard to customer support
Staff with two syllabled names, Like Chairman Vijay, "Mohan, Rajiv and Manoj" etc , disregarding the fact that it was a Continental Airline ticketholder, whose global image and customer perception would be affected forever by their action or inaction, stubbornly wasting time,
wanted to refund the 'money' , asked us to change the international ticket to another date, quoting "rules" laid down by chairman MALLAYYA ? refused to endorse to another airline?
We were forced to buy another ticket and rush to check in and leave the headquarters of this "FIVESTAR FLYING EXPERIENCE" on their "GOING GLOBAL DAY"
with a nauseating draining experience.

Why we even saw staff being treated equally shabbily or worse, so how can we as mere customers get any better service?

Kingfisher, is best qualified to start A A club - hopefully not alcoholics annonymous- but -anonymous airlines- club.

Monday, September 01, 2008

small i, small q and twent-teen phenomenon

I just discovered another aspect of human behaviour on the eve of my daughter Nisha's twentieth birthday.
Not that she had anything to do with the discovery except to precipitate coining the word-
namely twenteen.
This was for those souls who continue to think and may be act young?
This is not for those who are childish. But for those who retain the enthusiasm of the young.
They never stop being teen agers.
So after the traditional end of teen age at NINETEEN,
they go on to be twenteen, twentyoneteen etc all the way to ninetyteen and so on.

The other end of the scale in a sense is the small(lower case) i small q(lower case) -or iq instead of the IQ.
These are those who act infantile - so they are said to be of high infantile quotient as opposed to the intelligence quotient.
The paradox of this phenomenon is they are generally-80 percent of the time or more- of high or very high IQ and suddenly exhibit this little conscience calling behaviour of infantile quotient.
I shall keep track of the evolution of the phenomenon in future to develop the theme further.