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Saturday, January 12, 2008

youth hits gowdas vehicle commits suicide-IBN12jan2008

The former PM may not be responsible for the accident.However he certainly is accountable morally if not legally for the dadagiri,goondagiri, extortion, lack of respect for law and order of society exhibited by his party officials, members, family and personal staff.It could also be said that this is the result of tolerance, indulgence and permissiveness of the top brass of the party which inculcates such intolerable behaviour in the cadres.It is time he woke up and take corrective action immediately to salvage his and party's image, if salvagable at all.
( Posted: Saturday , January 12, 2008 at 12:08 )

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Indiapost infested with crooks?-LEDS4 Jan2008

Indian Posts appears infested with petty crooks and big thieves at all levels.
Still, the department does not care?
From, 153 crores(TOI 30 Dec 2007) of pilfered public funds to personal losses, Rs 20,000 shares certificates, stamps, and most recently batteries from articles sent to us over the last 4 decades in exclusive, Mahalakshmi lay out.
What prompted this letter is the tongue in cheek response by the India post ( vide-CPT/AC/21 dlgs dtd @ Bangalore-560010 of 1Jan2008) advising us to advise the sender to use insured post, since further investigations will be fruitless.
This is evasion of Collective responsibility at all levels.

What makes this galling is that all concerned , the victims, perpetrators and their protectors are fully aware that registration, insurance or complaints civil or criminal would not have made one ounce of difference in the end.

Now a days stiff competition from courier companies providing pilfer free services, is driving India Posts to selling air tickets, fund transfers,
cakes and cookies to stay in business.
What is amazing is they still have not changed their thick skinned operating style.

It is hard to believe that the honesty and integrity in the 5.2 lakh employees is blackened by a few bad apples who ruin the rest

or does their I, me, myself attitude prevent them from facing the real damage to their integrity, reputation and probably livelihood ?

An improvement can happen only when the honest stop sheltering, protecting and hence promoting the dishonest.

Lift Ban on Harbhajan-IBN-8Jan2008

Posted Tuesday , January 08, 2008 at 09:08 : (M.B.Nataraj)
I am not a cricketing fan.But I am disgusted at the double standards ICC applies to its white and nonwhite teams.Colored teams and players are treated differently from the others.It is a gross shame to the concept of a one world irrespective of color and creed.This is an Imperial atavism that should be abandoned immediately.Whatever Bhaji said as nonenglish speaking citizens of the world would be emulated from the authentic English speakers who spoke thus.Add the miserable umpiring double racist standards the whole thing becomes a farce.Lift the ban or end the tour.It is not serving any purpose except fill the ICC coffers.The game has lost its charm.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Law-abiding citizens are seen as troublemakers -TOI-LEDP-2Jan2008

‘Citizen’s Pledge for Civic Order’ (Parting Shot, Dec. 30) was very thought provoking and may transform any one who reads it. A vital point to remember, not just with regard to Bangalore but also the whole country, is: treat law-abiding citizens with respect, not derision. In my five-decade long experience, authorities and citizens tend to look down upon lawabiding citizens as troublemakers.