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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bhashaabhimaana "love of mother tongue" no excuse

Bhashabhimana- no excuse for CMV violation
mbnataraj - 31 Jul 2011 - 8:26am
Nice to confirm my suspicions about kannada only number plates being used for illegalities.

I have written several letters to the governor, transport commissioner, chief minister in this

regard. Bhasha abhimaana -love of the language- cannot condone violation of CMV.

Anyone be it politician or policeman condoning it is an accomplice in crime. Most of the time these fellows using kannada plates especially autodrivers are goondas, rude, obnoxious,cheats and criminals. My family avoids using kannada number plate autos. KDA chairman chandru should note. Almost all wheelie drivers who kill maim themselves and others also sport kannada number plates.

The other menace is reflecting italics, microscopic impossible to read defective plates.

Now I have seen even kannada script in italics, demonic style- like dripping blood!.

Cell phone driving, smoking while driving, multiple riding on 2 wheelers, wheelies, failure to yield, jumping redlights etc all moving violations should be additionally penalized may be to the extent of 1000 or 2000 per violation as RECKLESS PUBLIC ENDANGERMENT.

I have seen four children and 2 parents riding on one motorcylce.
In any civilized country the penalty would be for reckeless endangerment of a minor child.

Incidentally minor child is any one upto the age of 18 and considered to be under guardianship.

So underaged driving and riding with minor children would be severely penalized.

In a recent case a parent who allowed a 12 year old to drive his SUV because he had consumed wine, had his license suspended besides fines.

Without additional penalty the meagre 100, 200 rupees fine is no deterrent.

defense should be just opportunity explain innocence

It is a travesty of justice to permit accused to waste the tax payers money further after the humongous losses accused have already caused.
Trial should be just a fair opportunity to prove their innocence.
All attempts to throw dung all over and see what sticks should be curbed and severely penalized in criminal proceedings.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kalmadi dementia-KD

M B Nataraj (blr) replies to Patriot
21 hrs ago (11:17 AM)
unfortunately Narco test is not legal evidence. The only use of Narco test is leads- to the direction in which the investigation needs to go. It is all very evident in this case. The sword of suspicion is clearly pointing like a weather cock!

M B Nataraj (blr) replies to Raja
20 hrs ago (11:19 AM)
Spelling error on sonia? But a good one it is Maino? But Manio rhymes well with kalmadis dementia!

Since he is mad and a threat to the society, he should be put in a padded cell, locked and the key thrown away and forgotten.
M B Nataraj replies to EJ
22 hrs ago (10:48 AM)
brilliant suggestion
M B Nataraj
22 hrs ago (10:46 AM)
The diagnosis "Dementia"? What a joke. He is making a fool of the people, executive, party and the judiciary. We the people are demented electing such crooks. He is a rajya sabha member right? No one but the party elected him correct? Courts should let facts and acts speak for themselves without need for this guys mind and brain both of which are crooked.
ion! and it will save the parliament from his attendance. He is asking for leave from jail to attend parliament!

Friday, July 22, 2011

siblings dont mean offspring but brothers & sisters

If the reported wording is correct siblings does not mean offspring/children but brothers and sisters.
No official -politician is making properties beyond his income is going to keep all the money/property off the money in his name. So how can that become legal?
The very definition of benami should be anything that is not in the name of the earner is it not?


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bangalore burns as yeddy flees

Yeddyurappa is nero of karnataka. fiddling while rome burns. Why has he suddenly disappeared to tax haven Mauritius as the report is about to be released? Katta subramanya naidu is also running away ! refusing to appear before lok ayukta court!. Criminal offenses or civil the politicians and VIPs should be treated like any other citizen. A minor road traffic accident can put a motorcyclist into jail for two days because no lawyer was willing to appear.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

compulsory arm twisted democracy

Times Life, july 17th
lead article on Compulsory voting, is timely and well written wake up call just when we are ready to go to polls yet again.

Our own personal experience despite living at one fixed address for past 4 decades is, our family list is not complete. In spite of possessing voters identity cards,ration cards, passports, gas connections, land line connections, annual rectification updates.
Inspite of voting in about 100 elections-local bodies, state and central level over the years. Errors galore.
Just one or two of the eligible six manage to vote in any given election.
What was worse was during the recent update they asked for phone number, and photographs! and the errors rectified after one hour session with four previous update officials less than an year ago!
Photo graphs are a spur of the moment demand, no prior notice was given. Even most accurate updating - done every year as a tleast one educated informed resident is always available 24/7 at this address, the list is error ridden.
What is the point of arm twisting public into voting in the face of deep rooted malpractises,& corruption eroding our democracy?
Intelligent educated voting can never compete with the sheer numbers of the traditionally purchasable vote banks.
That is why candidates never even bother with our votes, opting to reach out for the numbers( sensibly so in a democracy)
accessible by currency, alcohol or other inducements.
This cannot change easily since even after 60 years of independence our literacy level is dismally low.
It can only be counter acted by the Nevil Shutean idea of a single individual having more than one vote based on certain levels of lifes accomplishments. One for being a citizen, one for passing tenth grade, college, post graduate degree, profession, doctoral degree etc.
The other alternative is to make politics an unattractive proposition for the opportunists, criminals, scoundrels etc by eliminating them by successful prosecution. Then limiting the election to once in five years if no clear majority government is possible after an election. The country can run on federal system of bureaucracy- which is by and large law abiding.

Monday, July 18, 2011

amazing public gullibility and hypocrisy

Here we are attributing a stone "Deity's anger" at being deprived of the riches,
in the death of poor Mr Sundarrajan who by the looks of it died of old age pure and simple.
At the same time we leak the whistle blowers from the PMs office itself to the perpetrators in the case of
Manjunath IOC officer who was eventually murdered by the perpetrators and beneficiaries of the scam.
Bawas who "committed suicide". Dr Sachans etc who again died in custody. Dr Buddhadev Singh, the jail doctor was beaten up and killed by inmates. Sabharwala was beaten up in full public view with irrefutable video evidence.
All of the cases will probably be closed "beyond reasonable doubt.
Amazing public naivete, hypocrisy and gullibility indeed.

reply to bharatkrishna comment onSundarrajan death

Sir, Unfortunately you seem to have missed the point of the post.
while not making your point clear.
How does referring to a Stone Deity as stone deity or a place be derogatory or outrageous?
If by "Place" you mean yoni/womb every living being has come from it and it is not derogatory at all.
Would you have referred to it as Gold, silver or some other precious material which it is not
and made it less derogatory or outrageous?
Lord Amarnath is frozen water and discovered by a Muslim shepherd as per lore.
God or Gods of any religion have no intention of revenge or retribution against
Sundarrajan or Nataraj, that is an exclusive domain of humans.
Hinduism has 33 crore gods. Presumably the population at that time representing the idea
that every individual has a God within. We Hindus do not profess loyalty to one Padmanabha,
Venkateshwara, Ayyappa, Kali, Mahalakshmi, Sharada, Shiva. A look at any Hindus life will
reflect that a regular pilgrimage will cover many deities over a large expanse of the country.
The idol taken out of that particular context of place and time has no distinguishing features
that will identify it as that particular deity. It shows the broadmindedness of Hinduism
Where as other religions have one uniformly identifiable symbol or figure. It is not one GOD but one form of 33 crores we choose to perform poojas to. Whether you worship an Idol, item or a symbol is an individual choice.

"While it is definitely true that it is not divine Anger, the usage of term "Stone Deity" is outrageous. If some one describe in a similar derogatory way the "place" through which you came to this world, how would you feel? It is the perspective and outlook. Kindly it right. The stone it may be, but it is symbolic representation of everything a.k.a God.Every religion in this world do Idol worshiping. For example in case of Xtianity it is holy cross. "

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mismanagement in private companies is also corruption

What is Yogeshwar talking about "politicizing the issue". He is in politics, made false affidavit about his assets to the election commission, siphoned off 40 crores from vajra builders. One wonders whether
he got into politics just to acquire "Immunity" which most law violators hope to get by joining politics from inside jails even.
SFIO-Serious Fraud Investigation Office- is very correct in going after him as misuse and mismanagement of money even in private companies is a form of corruption.
Much ignored in India in view of the blatant corruption in public funds, but nevertheless equally important as Vinivinc shastry etc cases demonstrate.
When multiple laws are violated the violators have to expect multiple agencies to investigate them.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

sytem needs revamping

It has been estimated that if the government gets the black money parked in foreign banks ready to be returned, the citizen does not have to pay income tax for the next 30 years.
It has also been determined that income tax recovery is not cost effective considering the decades long justice system delays.
The billion dollars fish Kodas, Kalmadis, Kanimozhis, convicts, murderers and rapists roam free.
The honest hard earned millions are squandered by successive governments.
The two most visible enforcement arms of the government namely income tax and police are perceived most corrupt and corruptible.
The honest are harassed and guilty are elated at being able to manipulate the system.
Under such circumstances why should the criminal law be reversed to be presumed guilty until proven innocent for faults of the government itself?
Why should the tax payer have to file appeals etc?
The whole system needs revamping.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

All the power to colonel Matthew Thomas in fighting Aadhar

All the power to you Colonel Matthew Thomas. This is another wool over peoples eyes. Rope in a private sector honcho Nandan Nilenkani with a so far clean image to wash the sins off this government. Lured by association with powers be, his face is also tarred with the same brush of scandals. One fails to understand the purpose of this multi million dollar project. Who can say India is poor when we can waste so much money.
Government itself admits that this does not replace its other "catalog its citizens" projects.
How many identifications does a citizen need? Passport, pan number, voters id,UID, ration card, BPL card etc etc etc. All working at cross purposes. Almost impossible to cross verify without cooperation from the individual.
Recently Siddaganga mutt swamiji could not be scanned for age related problems. Not that there is any question whatsoever that he is a recorded Indian Citizen!
Who all benefit except the Indian is the question .


Friday, July 08, 2011

media absolutely vital to create public accountability

DMK's swan song accusing media of 'defaming' his offspring Maran is a
predictable knee jerk reaction of the guilty.
He will probably use that news item to bolster his defense.
He fails to see-ofcorse no one can expect him tohave ay clear vision with his24/7 goggles-
media is jusr diligently performing its social obligation.
With the courts letting even the most culpable free,
it is vital that media performs with greater zeal.
If nothing else hopefully it will create public awareness at the depths ofdepavity of its representatives.
Increase in the shame index of the marans, rajas, kodas,kalmadis.kanimozhis , bhanots
may be too much to hope for.
But optimism is tough infection to kill.


Thursday, July 07, 2011

tresspassing army property for stealing is wrong

The fact that the boy had no right to be illegally in a cantonment and the fact he was stealing seems to be lost in the "Innocent" , "young boy" clamor. Similar incident took place in Bangalore. When someone trespasses- be it a boy or a thief or a terrorist into an armed facility they have to expect armed resistance. After all it is the army that is supposed to defend the nation. They have to be on guard. Let us not forget the fact that the boy was a thief. Let us not condone it. It should be a lesson to others. Army needs its freedom to defend itself if it is expected to defend the country. Yes even from little thieves stealing a mango. It is about tresspass and thievery.


adding insult to injury

We consumers hope that the reporting of this case is complete.
2000 AD case, takes 11 years to decide through the various levels of "fast track" consumer fora.
Gross negligence, goes against the economically stronger hospital at the lower levels.
They prefer to drag it and the poor suffering patient to Delhi.
They award less than 20000 rs total compensation. 2000 costs?
Why is the legal system afraid of fining the guilty economically stronger party
for misusing the system? If Courts can dissuade nay kill public interest litigation
totally by arbitrarily fining 5 lakhs 10 lakhs why cannot exemplary
costs be imposed in such cases?
Indian Courts seem scared of assigning a numerical value to mental agony and anguish unlike the US system
where exemplary fines can be way beyond the actual costs exactly for dissuading others from misusing the system.
If the patient just got 20 000 rupees after 11 years litigation it is just adding insult to the injury.
It also is a mockery of justice and fair play.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

analysis produces digestion products

Analysis just produces digestion products. The system failed caylee however you look at it.
Death in a young healthy baby has to be unnatural violation of civil standards.
If the system cannot check it efficiently it is time to overhaul the system and plug the leaks at least to make the society safe for the vulnerable.


requiem for caylee anthony

Forget the dead however they died.
Vive la OJ simpson, Casey Anthony.
and the jury system wins again.
A panel of peers that virtually designed never to agree.
There will be atleast one veto vote that can over turn 11 others.
Justice should seem to be done but need not be done.
How did this verdict give any justice to murdered caylee?
She is already forgotten in the dynamics of the living.
There will be hundreds of posts I am sure extolling the virtues of the US jury system. Not from the victims families.
Surprising in this case, the victims family happens to be the same as defendant! Still the dead child sacrificed for the living dead.


Monday, July 04, 2011

reply to joshua

Hi Joshua 32720, Do you have any doubt KC did it? Anyone who has reared children can tell you that abuse is not just physical and verbal, looks alone especially in toddler's age can be controlling and abusive. Toddlers may not be able to voice that it is threatening or abusive. She lost her life before she could distinguish what is scary and what is love.
Don't you think KC was the guardian of Caylee's life, health and well being? that she was in charge of it and was responsible for Caylee's? when the baby went missing and subsequently turned up dead? don't you think it gave the mom the freedom and life she seemed to be seeking? I think the law should be lying is an evidence of guilt, like in accidents/ crime- flight is an evidence of guilt. Let us wait and see what the jury says.


I agree she got a voice. If she didnt do it do you think thats what caylee would want the voice to say."hey my mom is a monster" Do you think that is caylees voice.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

lop sided farce

Maria confessed,retracted, finally convicted of destruction of evidence. Whether the fact the evidence was a human body and failure to report a murder were considered we do not know. She says she is innocent.
of what?
Now as if the nit picking-. was the body chopped into 300, more, less pieces decreases the gravity and horror?
The lop sidedness and totally unrealistic ivory tower approach to the society screams for attention.
Neeraj Grover's life 2 lakhs.
A pet or animal tortured or treated 'inhumanly' 1 crore!
what a shameful reflection of the country's values and priorities?


Friday, July 01, 2011

authorities, elected representatives unholy nexus

The Sankey road is proposed to be widened from Ayyappa temple upto Bhashyam circle. A distance of about 2 kilometers. BBMP argument is that if it is not widened traffic will spill out into the bylanes. Fact is almost 1.7 km of the 2 km cannot be widened as it is as wide as can be and on top of the tank bund. and there are no bylanes in the rest of the distance- why even upto yeshwantpur and further where traffic nuisance can spill over. If there is any spill over it is for traffic bound south of 18th cross malleswaram, which cannot be improved by widening this unwidenable stretch by any stretch of logical imagination. When such specious arguments are propounded by authorities and peoples representatives, citizens are fully justified in inferring unholy nexus. The extent of nexus can easily be gauged by the cost of the project .
Thursday, June 30, 201108:35 AM