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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kalmadi Personification of National Shame

Funny compilation. But it is hard to laugh at such a time of international national shame.

We were ready to criminally prosecute a most dignified Indian imaginable,

Infosys chief Narayanamurthy for an imagined slur against the nation.

What should we do to this bunch of criminals Kalmadi and company to redeem national honor.

How can it ever be redeemed?

He has the gumption to blame Hoopers and Fennels for the fiasco, now that shit is hitting the fan.

It has not missed the congress party which is protecting this specimen of shame.

He has to remember, India bid for CWG they did not draft India to host the CWG.

Stringent chinese style punishment for public corruption may atone his sins to some extent.

Monday, September 27, 2010

What a relief Akrama not allowed to become Sakrama-27 Sep 2010

It was deeply gratifying to the now minority, honest law abiding citizens to see that you justly refused permission for Akrama Sakrama program, which would have been a constitutional violation of all things honorable and respectable about this nation.

It was also reassuring to see that there is some one willing to act when such gross transgressions are being rammed down the honest citizens throats by a bunch of elected representatives misusing their status and trust reposed in them.

If passed it would have benefitted only the violators and the extorting representatives who for their own personal glorifications hold samaveshas, donate money liberally to all and sundry temples which are already wasting public money and have become dens promoting commercialization and corruption instead of culture and religion.

Thank you again and Hope that the President also will not permit this gross insult to the majesty of Law.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Deferring Ayodhya verdict is wise and essential

It is a very wise decision to postpone the verdict. The security forces, central and state governments are preoccupied with CWG and other bigger issues. It should not be strained further by preventable explosive 2 decade old topics.

Indian citizenry is very childishand immature in matters like this.Just waiting for an opportunity to vent their ires. Very easily manipulated into mindless irresponsible rioting, damage and destruction.

Ayodhya was a BJP vote bank politics ploy. Wrong at that time and wrong now.

It would not have occurred but for kautilya- Narasimha Rao as PM, and a BJP government in UP. Ram is just one of the 33 crore gods hinduism can boast of.

One identifiable istha daiva per individual.

The masjid issue was a serious blackmark, matter of deep shame on the broadmindedness of Indians. The issue has to be justly decided on the basis of existing laws and constitution, not emotions or desires of populations-political or otherwise. A brief delay was wise and welcome.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hope Moral Policing comes down in DK with Dr Acharya out of home Ministry

These kinds of moral policing cases flourished under the "empathetic" home minister Dr Acharya failing to take a firm stand in the matter given his BJP sympathies.

He failed to take a strong stand against the violation of basic rights of the citizens when they were so grossly violated by this sene or that sene.

is it that these party based politicians cannot step into the larger arena of state or national governance by making the constitution the basis of their actions rather than local vote catching party planks?

It is just extremely unfortunate that a progressive, liberal district like Dakshina Kannada came to be perceived as a threat to the

freedom and secularism of this state and the country.

We born kannadigas who were very fond of travelling to this beautiful district became wary of doing so thanks to this lackadaisical attitude of this BJP government.

Hope this will change with a new home minister.


Moral cops thrash engineer from city

Bangalore Mirror Bureau

Posted On Monday, September 13, 2010 at 04:11:20 PM

In yet another incident of moral policing in Dakshina Kannada district, an engineer from Bangalore who had come home to Puttur to celebrate Eid was not just beaten up by goons but also stripped and taken to a police station only because he spoke to a girl from another community, whom he knew since school days.

Speaking from the Mahaveer Hospital in Puttur, where he is being treated for injuries, Abdul Shameer (21) working as an engineer with ETA Engineering Private Limited in Mahadevapura on Whitefield Road, said, “I came down to Puttur to celebrate Eid. At Palthady, while I was riding a bike on Saturday, I saw this girl whom I knew from our school days as she got down from a taxi and was walking home. We just exchanged pleasantries and chatted for a while. A man spotted us talking and passed on the message to 4-5 people. Immediately a crowd gathered. They first sent the girl home and started questioning me and even imputing a relationship between me and the girl”, he said.

He said the gang beat him in public, tore his clothes, and took him to Sampya police station in a jeep. “I was in my underwear. At the station, first they tried to book a case against me. When I insisted that the girl be called to station, she was called and she explained the situation as it was. The SI there was very co-operative and gave me back my clothes. The men were drunk and I could not know if they were from any particular outfit,” Shameer said.

Dakshina Kannada SP Dr AS Rao said while Shameer was beaten by some people, others intervened and brought him to the police station. Based on a complaint filed by him, four people have been arrested. The process of identifying the others was on, he added.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Honking virtually banned by law , enforcement needed.

The Editor

Times of India,

This is with reference to the 8th main. Malleswaram, residents request to ban honking.Supreme court has already mandated 65-85 db noise levels during day time in cities and total ban on honking between 10pm to 6AM. Musical, air horns, souped up silencers are totally banned by law. Therefore every honk is already a violation.
Only enforcement is required to be demanded.
On 19th Aug 2010, Traffic police also issued a note to this effect.
Under the pollution control board laws any honker can be fined at a level far more than traffic laws contemplate. Only some internal deputization/ authorization between the police and KSPCB may be required.
All citizens and residents can demand enforcement of these laws rather than demanding a Ban and inviting the "IRE" of the impatient honkers who criminally assault 8000 citizens with every honk.
Enforcing authorities are required to maintain a diary on noise pollution complaints and act on every complaint.
It might be useful for them if exact details of the violations like the registration number, date, place and time are provided to them so that they have specific instances to act on.
This will go a long way in deterring honking rather than inviting road riots from vehicle drivers who think they have a carte blanc on the horn button the moment they are on the vehicle.

Bangalore: Traffic police won’t be amused with blaring horns anymore — especially of trucks and private buses. During a two-day drive against vacuum horns, they have booked over 3,025 cases and slapped a fine of over Rs 2.95 lakh against them.

Besides, police have warned the vehicle owners to get these horns removed before August 31, failing which they will resort to removing these on their own.

Additional commissioner of police (traffic and security) Praveen Sood said both vacuum and air horns were prohibited.

“However, private buses and trucks use them. They will not use these horns in city limits. Once they cross Madiwala, Yeshwantpur or Kengeri on Mysore Road, the menace begins,” he said.

As per rules, any horn making sound above 80 decibels cannot be used in vehicles. The drive was conducted in places including Electronic City, Hesara Ghatta, Kengeri and Nelamangala Road.


Turn this area into a no-honking zone
Malleswaram 8th Main is bustling with traffic all day, with several vehicles plying from as early as 4am to about 12.30 in the night. There is too much honking, and unauthorized parking and wrong-side driving are adding to the chaos here. Authorities should take action and make it a no-honking residential zone at the earliest.

— A resident, Malleswaram

Monday, September 20, 2010

ADCP Praveen Sood View point 20sep2010 eye opener

20 Sep 2010,

The Editor,

Times of India



Additional Director General Traffic Mr Praveen Sood's view point(TOI page 2 , 20Sep2010) should surely be an eyeopener for the "civilized, educated" drivers on the roads of Bangalore.

After watching Bangalore Traffic Police and Drivers on road for over 5 decades, I can definitely see a remarkable, positive, commendable change in the attitude of the Police.

Imagine any of the other enforcement staff courteously and cheerfully sniffing drivers alcohol infused/ bad breaths night in and out without complaints.

However regretfully, the same cannot be said of the drivers, who despite education and exposure to western civilty and culture fail to realize that

using a vehicle on road is not a right but a generous privilege granted by the society. As such should not be misused.

Every enforcement is virtually termed a harassment by the offender in almost all instances. This is because of the "Arrogance of Influence" and Tolerance of interference by political or bureaucratic clout.

It is illustrated by this well known anecdote from USA. A traffic cop stopped the Police commissioner's wife for overspeeding.

She demanded "Dont' you know who I am, I am the Police commissioner's wife, I will tell him that you stopped me" So the policeman

doffed his hat and said "Maam, Thank you, Please do so, that he will know I am doing my duty". He was commended by the commissioner.

We will see enforcement as enforcement when we reach that level of Nirvana.

Thanks to Mr Sood for a timely article. It should be copied and given to every offender, and the officials /politician they call up to

tug the Influence Rope around the enforcing officer's neck.

Sincerely yours

M B Nataraj

MS(Georgetown Univ, Wash DC)

Registered Medical Technologist

American Medical Technologists-USA

Microbiologist/Medical Technologist



It’s traffic enforcement or harassment?

Praveen Sood

Altercations between the public and traffic policemen are not unheard of. But to say that every traffic cop is standing at the junction just to abuse people is stretching it a bit too far. Without denying or justifying the existence of such malaise, it is worth examining the genesis of the problem as to what makes traffic policemen raise their decibel level leading to such conflicts.

There is a very thin line between enforcement and harassment. The difference lies as much in actions of policemen as in the actions and perceptions of citizens. A large chunk of citizens demand stricter enforcement and harsher penalties. There is an equal majority who consider any kind of enforcement to be mere harassment.

When a person is stopped for traffic violation, more than his pocket, it’s his ego that is hurt. No one wants to be told that he has done anything wrong, more so if the reprimand comes from a lowly perceived, less educated, Kannada-speaking constable. Many of us are either unaware of wrongdoings or quickly find justification for the same. Where does the helpless constable produce evidence of signal-jumping on the field? It is one’s word against the others. Yes, technology can play a role but the cost of collection may be many times the meagre amount of fine. Then there is the usual argument as to why me when so many others are also violating. Yes, there are many others but the police officer can handle one at a time which is supposed to be a deterrent for many others.

Even though there has been a fair amount of progress towards evidencebased enforcement through surveillance cameras, laser guns and alcometers, do we accept our fault gracefully? No. We get into academic and philosophical discussion on the roadside. Why speed limit should be 80 kmph? Yes, I consumed alcohol but I am in control. Is your equipment correct and so on and so forth. Arguments go on non-stop.

For every commuter who gets into an argument, it is a now-or-never issue. But for the policeman standing there, it is the case of five out of six persons caught day after day. How does a policeman keep his cool if each one of us wants to indulge in unending debate concerning propriety, correctness and rationale? Many citizens connect their mobiles and expect policeman to talk to someone influential at the other end. Many complain that policeman speak only in Kannada. When one party does not understand Kannada and the other does not understand English, every spoken word appears like an abuse considering their belligerent postures.

Bad elements do exist and action is taken against them whenever reported and found justified. But is it too much to expect from people to be equally civilized when they’re caught for violations? While condemning use of force by traffic cops, can we ignore the fact that in the past one year, one police officer was killed and 28 others sustained fractures because some driver tried to run away or run over them when flagged to stop? Many of these are the result of signal jumping and drunken driving. Many feel that police should not stop but just note down the vehicle number. And do what? Keep visiting their address to collect hundred rupees as fine? Can cops be a silent spectator to such violations and do nothing? If they don’t intervene to stop an over-speeding vehicle, helmetless rider, drunk driver, signal jumper, then they are accused of being indifferent and lazy.

Besides the road rage that is seen during enforcement, many commuters feel that traffic cops are responsible for all their miseries on the road. He, in fact, has little role to play as far as poor infrastructure is concerned — leaking pipes, overflowing drains, potholes, buses going off the road — or if there are rallies, processions and other expressions of liberal democracy. Being the only visible face of the government standing at each junction, they suffer the anger and ire of commuters for no fault.

Bad behaviour should be condemned whether by police or public. People deserve respect from policemen and vice-versa. Disputes and academic debates need to be resolved under one roof rather than at traffic junctions. A major effort to equip policemen with soft skills is on. But without matching efforts from the public, the task will remain half accomplished.

(The writer is additional commissioner

of traffic, police;

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cellphones- legal documents prevent misuse? a paradox

Dear Nodal Officer,

To maintain the sanctity and importance and the purpose of updated documents of all your customers and cellphone users of other services, these messages should not be sent irresponsibly or lightly. We honest citizens do not want to ignore them. We want to take them seriously and respond appropriately. I am surprised that I was sent these messages repeatedly despite updating it.

It shows a serious lacuna in your record updating and maintenance. If I had not raised my voice (and the others in Mysore city recently) things would have gone on as usual and 3 sets or more of legally valid documents for 1 cellphone would be in your records with a great potential for misuse.

As a citizen I have no great faith in the ability of TRAI or the government to safeguard interests of the country or the citizens.

I fail to understand the purpose of these documents.

Cell phones by virtue of their nature are mobile and cannot be pinned down to any one physical address. So what use is a valid physical address, photo, signature etc in the real event of misuse?

These are questions to be pondered over by you cell phone providers , TRAI and Government of India before harassing millions of cell phone users for the occasional misuse.

To me it looks like severe deterrent punishment of the few misusers would be more meaningful than destroying the business relationship between customers, cell phone providers by measures which do not serve the purpose.

Government and its enforcement organs are only good at turning the screws , mindlessly I may add, on the ones they have licenced -meaning you- and the users meaning us.

It is upto you to provide the government cogent reasons why such measures may not serve the purpose they are intended for and also provide them means and measures to accomplish what they have in mind.

After all the bureaucrats sitting at TRAI and Telecom ministry are not technical Einsteins?

Sincerely yours

M B Nataraj

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MS GIll rudeness and arrogance- expected from a limelight Hog

Shameful behaviour from a central government minister.

Who I wonder is the one who was welcomed?

Your head lines are self explanatory.

He Hogged limelight. Obviously one cannot expect

a decent behaviour from a Hog limelight or otherwise.

It is also typical of Indians in power, besides having the lowest

honesty levels they have the highest arrogance levels.

GOI sets the precedence by jumping into the act as soon as

one of its citizens acquires any international reputation.

M B Nataraj

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

top cop is right

Dr Guruprasad is absolutely right in saying that the 100 mtr stretch he stays in is built up on both sides. The same is true of east park road in the section between 18th and 17th cross Malleswaram. The rest of East and west park roads are built up only on the eastern and western sides except for the dense 100 meter stretch in the 7th and 8 cross sections of these two roads 2 kilometers south.

Both Sampige and Margosa roads are one way in the north and south directions, and following the western traffic management logic if west park road is oneway north then the eastpark road should be made oneway south. But all of us know that logic is not the strongest point of Bangalore Traffic police. Convenience, political or otherwise, is. Otherwise why would we allow parking on the outermost lane of one way streets? No free turns into the direction of traffic on one way streets or worse still the stretch of road between Krishna Flour mills and Kempegowda Bus terminus is in violation of the entire nations traffic laws of Left side driving. What should be oneway south is one way north and vice versa.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bitter truth- speaker punished! in the Land of Gandhi under "Patriotism"?

75000 crores much of it wasted.

Sania uttering what is obvious to everyone that the country is not yet ready for CWG is a major embarassment is ridiculous.

That she was made to eat crow and take back the bitter truth is the major misfortune of this nation.

We just cannot face truth, Mahatma Gandhis foundation stone for this country.

What is worse we equate speaking truth with treason and mete out punishment instead of accolades.

Until we evolve to the level of facing truth and dealing with it we will be cursed into living in illusion/maya.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ofcourse ban Pak players but-

Ofcourse they should be banned for life meaning life not 14 years 7 years excluding government holidays and time off for good behaviour, as done in the case of criminal offenses.

But let us not get too complacent, we may have to ban the entire BCCI, ICC, IPL and players. We cannot take a gleeful holier than thou attitude towards pakistans discomfiture. Our mess will be hitting the fan soon.