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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Managalore incident -TOI31jan2009

This is with reference to the Suo motu case registered by the National Council of Women.To a layman like me, there is no need for a complainant in a suomotu case.The subsequent visit by Ms Nirmal Venkatesh eventually castigating the pub owners for lack of security.(Finds Fault With Mangalore Pub For Not Having Adequate Security page1 31 Jan 2009 )Instead of playing out dramas, protecting women she could atleast get the story straight.There was a gross violation of constitutional rights of all citizens,breakdown of law and order, failure of government in controlling the goonda elements owing allegiance to it in the Mangalore incident.The result "NCW team gets it all wrong" is the effective work of some political damage control team working overtime.Otherwise, when the government is tolerating arrack, adulterated alcohol sale killing thousands routinely. More than half of its grassroot or top level force are ardent devotees of Alcohol like the Rishis,Munis, Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion.Is it not a farce to call this shameful violation "protecting our culture"?Spare us these political fanatics and zealots please.
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remembering Basketball Balu-M G Balagangadhara

Basketball Balu-M G Balagangadhara,

Retired Superintending Engineer, Karnataka ElectricityBoard,

basketball player of yester years,

Passed away on 16 Jan 2009.

Here is his brief life cycle visuals.