I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Monday, March 29, 2010

No more whistle blowing?-LEDPTOI29Mar2010

No more whistle-blowing This is with reference to the life sentence given as an eyewash to the three persons involved in whistleblower IITian Satyendra Dubey's murder. The grisly fact is that confidential information passed to the Prime Minister on misappropriations and malpractices in the Golden Quadrilateral project reached the wrong persons. Worse, the parties who benefited by this murder escaped without even being charged. The incident sends out a warning to citizens not to complain. M B Nataraj, VIA EMAIL

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

criminals in politics toipub24Mar2010

So far, the public has been tolerant towards incidents of booth-capturing, voter intimidation and election malpractices. Now, it’s time some action was taken. The Election Commission should take note of indications that a major political party wants criminal netas in its rank. This is a new threat to democracy. If such tendencies aren’t controlled, violation of criminal laws will become the minimum qualification of entering politics. I M B NATARAJ

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Criminals in Poliics-LEDS23 Mar 2010

The Editor,
Times of IndiaBangalore,

This is with reference to the day's Headlines of JD(S) Kumaraswamy endorsing criminalization of Politics.
The public acknowledgement of tolerance towards the undercurrent of booth capturing, voter intimidation / purchase, lethargy, election malpractises, over the
This is the death knell of democracy in the largest elected nation in the world.
As the watch dog of the constitution, the election commission should wake up to this callous destruction of democracy by a
national party.
Otherwise this is identical to the carte blanc that Mrs Gandhi gave corruption certifying it as a universal phenomenon and the consequences we are suffering.
If we donot wake up to this new threat to democracy, Criminal procedure code violations will become minimum
qualification for Politics.
Sincerely yours,

M B Nataraj
TOI 23 Mar 2010
A criminal who has people’s support is fine by us: HDK
N D Shiva Kumar TNN
Bangalore: Criminals in Indian politics is not new. However, people in Karnataka took comfort in thinking that criminalization of polity was a cow-belt issue, far removed from their reality. With state JD(S) chief H D Kumaraswamy on Monday brazenly saying that he saw nothing wrong in fielding criminals if they looked like winnable candidates, that comfort has evaporated. In an exclusive interaction with TOI ahead of BBMP polls, Kumaraswamy said that his criteria for giving tickets to criminals is simple: he/she should have the support of party workers and people of the area and should be able to win. Obviously a case of political arithmetic trumping morals and scruples. But, is it right to bring criminals into politics? “What’s wrong? It’s a chance for them to reform. If they change, isn’t it an achievement and better for the society,” he asked. HDK: All criminals shouldn’t be given opportunities

Monday, March 22, 2010

virgin whine-definition22Mar2010

Virgin Whine: the nasal drawling,nagging tone used for all conversations.
M B Nataraj

Sunday, March 21, 2010

RWH TOI page 6 21Mar2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

BWSSB Rainwater harvesting notice illegal-19Mar2010

19 Mar 2010,
The Chairman
Bangalore and All authorities.

This is with reference to the notice issued to BWSSB consumers for compulsory rainwater harvesting along with the month's bill.
1) Section 72 A obligation to provide rainwater harvesting provides " ---- failing which the BOARD may CAUSE such rainwater harvesting structure AND recover the cost from the owner or occupier as the case may be as arrears of land revenue" sd/ G K Boregowda, Secy to govt, department of parliamentary and legal affairs.
that is and that is all.
2) The draconian extortionary arm twistinng, confrontational approach and language in the notice specifically stating that failing implementation of RWH water and sewerage supply will be stopped is totally illegal and without authority.
Water supply and sewerage is a basic right of a citizen. He is paying through his nose for these services. IT is grossly illegal on the part of the board to imply or state and convey that they have the power to disconnect water and sewerage supply for nonimplementation. The Board is in the position of a property owner and the consumer of a tenant. An owner has no right to disconnect water or power supply much less sewerage connection- even for pending bills as water and electricity are considered as the basic rights of a civilized society.The fact that the Board has resorted to such illegal threats or the fact that government employees association donates pension monies for flood relief or such purposes which promote the image of the government and it accepts it without qualms, just indicates that we in Karnataka under the present BJP rule have been deprived of legitimate governance.
3) The list of "authorized, trained plumbers" for this purpose is nothing but a carte blanc by the board for legal royal robbery.
4) In order to avoid corruption and misuse of power by plumbers or your officials should be instructed to accept RWH if it fulfills the "PURPOSE" in spirit.Are we living in a democracy or in Mayawati's Uttar pradesh?
Kindly issue immediate clarification with adequate publicity that as per the amendment quoted by you, you DONOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY to disconnect water or sewerage connections.
Failing which the board and the government alone, will be answerable to courts, liable to the citizens, consumers and protection organisations, for all the costs and consequences thereof.
It will be a violation of basic rights of the citizens and hence unconstitutional and illegal. It will reflect very badly on the already beleaguered government.

Thanking you on behalf of thousands of affected consumers of Bangalore,
Sincerely yours
M B Nataraj
Microbiologist-Medical Technologist
MS(Georgetown Univ, Wash DC,) MT (American Medical Technologists,USA)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nityananda video morpherd-internet debate

I fail to understand "Real partriots" raves and rants. The real patriots should not be nameless.Since there is no culturally religiously insisted implied code of conduct for saffron, an express code of conduct has become mandatory for sadhus and sants. They should be judged on a plane higher than that of mere mortals.Swami Nityananda's belated admission that it is indeed he in the video comes as no surprise to anyone.He has admitted to the lesser charges in order to dilute the ethical criminality of his action as is the practise of the accused in the western countries. If Ms Ranjita is married then he would be additionally guilty of adultery.The basic fault lies with the followers who blindly elevate humans into godliness indiscriminately based on their superficial assetsand achievements.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Goa advises tourist not to go bare chester-Internet debate

Goa=hot weather. This advisory would have been understandable if it was directed at the ladies? In most coastal states of India most men go around in a lungi and bare chested, no eyebrows are raised.Why target bare chest? when gross criminal violations like rape, assault, murder and drugs are rampant in Goa? GOA Get your priorites right or tourists GO away yar.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Medical standards destroyed-leds9mar2010

I am constrained to write this after witnessing 35 years of systematic destruction of medicine as a healthcare professional, from the noble profession level to the current russian roulette it has become. Merit in medical education has been totally replaced by wholesale capitation fee based admissions.
When medical seats rates start at 20 lakhs and reach astronomical 1.8 crore for postgraduate seats, the degrees have to be guaranteed by the colleges.
Disillusionment disappointment, from the merit medical students is a physical blow in the face.
It is no surprise that medical entrance tests have candidates sitting for 3 hours without writing one word on the paper other than the
hall ticket number lest they be disqualified by their "Knowledge".
The systematic damage and destruction this evil has wrought on healthcare is evident by
the apprehension of the patients at falling ill or having to seek medical attention,
and the skyrocketing health and malpractise insurance rates.
The only available option to prevent the rot is to immediately introduce M (Merit) and C (Capitation) registrations for doctors by medical council as this information
is essential for public health and welfare.