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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Detroit bomber-Internet debate-31 Dec 2009

(December 30, 2009 at 10:18 PM)
What use is prior intelligence if it is not used to raise red flags?
If Ted Kennedy got on to the no fly list for no discernible reason- Abdulmutallab should have been on the top of the red flag list for 1) the father's expressed concerns about the son, 2) Islamic connection, 3) interest in islamic law. The reaction of the intelligence industry in this matter seems to indicate they are using all the arguments for red alert as counter arguments to red alert. Under the circumstances how can they protect the innocent or prevent terrorism?


Saturday, December 05, 2009

shocking betrayal of assocaition members interests?5 Dec 2009

5 Dec 2009,
Honorable President of India
Her Excellency Pratibha Patil,
New Delhi,

Honorable Governor of Karnataka,
His Excellency H R Bharadwaj,

Madam and Sir,
I am enclosing a newspaper item regarding the government employees association's illegal actions.
They cannot barter away the faith association members have implicitly placed in them to protect their interests.
I am aghast as a citizen of India that a bunch of office bearers of an association can extort money from government employees like this, under the guise of flood relief.
This is especially shameful since crores have already been collected from the public and central government, for a disaster which has not even been quantified properly by a government with doubtful majority or public support for the way it is running the state.
Now the pensioners and others are being asked to give letters of dissent to prevent the pension being automatically deducted.
It should be only against a positive written consent, not implicit negative consent as is being sought.
This is totally against all principles of natural justice and law.
It amounts to a violation whether indulged by government or private individuals and should be summarily stopped by preventive action.
The action of the state government employess association appears to be motivated for ingratiation with the present government. and the implicit consent for this by the the government.
I am not a pensioner or a government servant but an ordinary citizen.
Kindly take urgent action necessary to prevent gross illegal actions,
Sincerely yours

BSc,MS(Georgetown Univ, Wash DC)
MT(American Medical Technologists) USA
279, Mahalakshmi Lay out

Govt staff against DA cut for flood relief
Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The State Government Employees’ Association is in a fix. The association decided to forego four months’s 5.25 per cent DA arrears of the employees towards the state government’s flood relief fund.
But many employees across the state are not willing to contribute their DA having already contributed their one-day salary for the same.The association headed by L Byrappa took the decision to contribute one-day salary of the employees to the relief fund amounting to Rs 29 crore. Later the association handed over a letter to the Chief Minister assuring contribution of four months DA (5.25 pc) arrears to the relief fund. The total amount would be around Rs 190 crore, as per the association’s calculation. With that each employee would be contributing anywhere between Rs 1,000 to Rs 8,000 towards the relief, besides their one day salary.The government gave an option to the employees, those not willing to forego their DA arrears to the relief, to give a letter not to deduct their amount. A major section of employees, particularly those belong to C & D classes are opposed to giving away their DA. But it is said that office-bearers have been contacting higher-ups in each department and forcing them to ensure that all employees agree to contribute their DA. Association president L Byrappa said, “As the government staff it is our responsibility to contribute our share for people in distress. A small section of employees are against it but by and large I have convinced all.”