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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad Saga of student loans-25 Sep 2007

Please find enclosed the fate of students hoping to find loans for studies out of the country.
The whole thing is a farce it looks like.
The only part of the complaint that was resolved was-which should not have happened in the first place- payment of interest on a monthly basis for the deposits. Even that we have to wait for 3 months before we can find out if it will be paid on a quarterly basis as promised.
For the rest the whole process was wasted effort it appears and we as a nation are flattering ourselves that banks loans are available for the asking.
I request you to direct the RACPC to refund the 5000 rupees We deposited in view of the fact that the loan could not be availed for the reasons set out in the letter, and the lien on our deposits lifted with immediate effect.
The amount if generously refunded could be reverted to our SBI account.

Concerted Torture-16Oct2007

We about 100,000 residents in and around Kamalammanagundi play ground area have been subjected to criminal torture
and disruption of peaceful residential life we are entitled to, under the guise of religious, language or cultural pretexts by one organisation or the other holding very loud, bright noisy "festivals, functions, meets" etc.
All these involve the use of very very loud speakers at all hours, dreadful music, road blocks by buntings, pandals, welcome arches, traffic jams, etc. The nights are turned into day by solar lights, strobe lights, LCD diplays and 10000 watts speakers blasting away the SUPREME COURT MANDATED LIMIT of 45-65 db noise levels for residential areas.
The crowds that gather to listen to dreadful loud film music are rowdy, boisterous and many are drunk.
we draw your atention to the retired brigadier beaten up in mumbai by drunk youths returning from Ganesha Festival.
This is not a civilized or cultured way of promoting religion,culture or language.
We are enclosing two instances in a period of 10 days or so we were subjected to untold horrors by authorities permitting and tolerating civic law violations-Noise,road blockage wasting precious fuel, air pollution by fire crackers, law and order problems by rowdy elements sure to be in these groups, eve teasing, traffic disruption, power theft, damage and defacement of public roads and properties by such self styled groups.
Ganesha festival(15 sep 07 ) indeed when Dasara has already started.
The authorities are to be totally blamed more if they fund any of these functions-including "RAJYOTSAVA DAY" functions, just around the corner, with our tax money to be wasted and provide profound torture for days.
All of us complaining about these are born Kannadigas, we do not like the extortion these groups practise collecting funds from non kannadigas businesses.

Therefore we demand that you issue strict instructions to the relevant authorities like POLICE, CORPORATION, BESCOM
not to permit such pandals functions anywhere and everywhere holding lakhs of peaceful and quiet citizens to ransom like this now during festival times and later on during the coming up Rajyotsava day which goes on for months.
Even if they permit they should ensure civic and criminal violations do not take place.
Also appropriately take action against the following two organisations -1) Dharmik youth association which totally blocked 11 cross mahalakshmi lay out at a busy T junction (maps pictures and video attached) 28-30 sep 2007
and 2) Nisarga association which overstepped all limits of decency, civilization and culture and made life hell for almost 100000 people over 3 days -12th 13th and 14th , october 2007, during Dasara for "GANESHA FESTIVAL".
Their funding also needs to be probed as they used very expensive LCD displays,10000 watts amplifiers, double orchestras, dug up 2,3 main for arches, blocking almost 25 percent of the narrow busy 30 foot roads, lit up entire 1,2 and 3 main with STOLEN(?) power, etc.
They need to be severely penalized for making life hell for the area residents.
Enforcement Authorities like Police, corporation and BESCOM-whose power was stolen most likely as seen from the picture of lights strung from BESCOM Poles.
Hoping that you will act in time to prevent such happenings in future, especially during "RAJYOTSAVA" which is more a political show of strength than any genuine love for the state.
Sincerely yours

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Commissioner BMP-Arrogant BMP staff-2Nov2007

You need to get yourself a valid email address. The address at BMP site bounces back.
For the citizenry experiencing the arrogance, loudness and rudeness of
BMP staff correctin the voters list as it is on their records, it appears their motto is offence is the best form of defence- abject defence when proven wrong.
They appear to use a uniform approach to decent tax paying law abiding citizenry, violators, encroachers, beggars and slum dwellers alike.
Are they public servants or staff of RAW/CBI/ GESTAPO?
The voters list is error filled, ill prepared and not in sequence- same door numbers appearing in several different pages
with wrong names for the right age sex and parents names etc.
This is the fate of a street with no changes in door and road numbers since 1964.
How can there be so many transcription errors between our attested correct information forms and lists these officials bring?

with this arrogance It is difficult to believe that India has attained independence 60 years ago.

This is a city where public servant behaviour have to match or better exceed global standards.
instead of justifying our selves NODI SWAMI NAVU IRODE HEEGE.

Looking at the circus that is presently going on with the elected representatives we are wondering whether we need democracy of this kind at all.
it is highly irritating to have these representatives of an prehistoric organization going around blaming and yelling at the citizenry to cover their own inefficiencies and deficienies.
Kindly enlighten them on the code of decent public behaviour, if they have difficulty adapting that to their style of operation,
this country has more than enough man power to have to tolerate this kind of inferior behaviour.

Irritated and angry residents of Mahalakshmi Lay out,

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Governor Please preserve our sanity-3Nov2007

Honorable Governor Thakur Ji,
It was with great relief and pleasure that we the suffering Bangaloreans striving to get back a city we loved read the days'
headlines that you are taking action to improve Bangalore's traffic.
For the millions who have suffered democracy's idiosyncracies for sixty years, this is a chance to see and experience that the federal system of administration , namely Governor's rule works more effectively than democracy in delivering good governance sans interference from political considerations.

We the concerned citizens have made innumerable suggestions through pulic fora, columns, debates and appeals for some suggestions to improve traffic conditions at the earliest. (http://www.petitiononline.com/banhonk/petition.html)

1) Enforce a Ban on honking, with severe penalties for unwarranted violations.
The first thing that strikes any traveller abroad is
how quiet the other civilized countries are despite the heavier traffic.
One suddenly realizes it is the absence of honking.
Each second of honk affects 8000 other inhabitants (Bangalore density 24000/sq.km)
Supreme court has mandated 45-65 db levels, and total ban on noise between 10pm and 6 am, which if enforced will virtually make the environment a SILENT VALLEY. Spot destruction of illegal musical airhorns, defective number plates, tinted glasses should be instituted.

2) Enforce Traffic Laws mercilessly and encroachment laws which affect smooth flow of vehicular and nonvehicular traffic.

All Police, RTO and corporation officials should be on duty 24/7 in uniform or out of it.

If they are understaffed, citizens and groups should be encouraged to report violations and be rewarded with an additional 10 percent extra fine from the violators. So such additionally penalized violators themselves will be doubly motivated to reform, and inculcate fear of law.
Many US villages and cities go to the extent of rewarding complainants with upto 50 percent of the fine amount, exactly for the same reason.
The additional levy could also be given to the police personnel themselves, making it their legitimate income, lessening the burden on the exchequer, improving their pay, incentive to enforcement of laws etc.

3) Enforce high occupancy vehicle norms during peak hours as in the USA. Vehicle carrying capacity should be fully utilized. It could be met by providing rides.

4) Put a cap on the new vehicle registrations, especially two wheelers.
With 24 lakh vehicles increasing at the rate of 1000/day, 60 /km length every second of the day75 percent 2 wheelers, on 4500 km narrow roads and 40000 intersections of Bangalore, strict measures are called for.

Hoping that your government will PLEASE ACT TO PRESERVE OUR SANITY.

I main-Disaster waiting to happen-24nov2007

I main Mahalakshmi Lay out, a 600 meter , curving, undulating stretch of road which connects chord road to swimming pool is a very heavily travelled road 24 hours at high speed and incessant honking in a residential area and the presence of schools, hospitals, clinics, residents club creating noise,parking nuisance after 10 pm till closing around midnight, postoffice,banks and a NO HONKING BOARD.
All vehicles, especially yellow board lorries,cabs,buses, and MOTORCYCLES AND SCOOTERS race down at over 60 km the slope down up and down honking constantly. The road width being 40 ft or so should not have speeds above 25 or 30. It is very risky for the other road users and school children and peace and quiet for the residents -about 24000/sq km.
Supreme court requires that you maintain 45-65 db levels during day time and no honking after 10 pm till 6 am. Which effectively means total ban on honking except in the DIREST OF EMERGENCIES.
Residents recent complaints to install speed breakers to reduce the reckless speeds of vehicles on this road was snubbed with the excuse that the roads have steep slopes. That is an understandable explanation if vehicles use lower gears to negotiate the slope instead of speed and honking. Honking encourages ,offesnisve behaviour, road rage, lack of discipline , transfer of own responsiblity of safe driving to other road usersreckless driving and overconfidence on the part of the driver.
It has 15 intersections and undulates in 2 peaks and valleys which echo repeatedly honking and loud engine sounds-(pictures enclosed)
we have made hundreds of date,time registration # specific complaints to dcp traffic east about vehicles fitted with very loud musical and airhorns which destroy the peace and quiet in this area and anywhere else these vehicles are used.
Few examples during the past two months follow.
We request that you direct your officials to
1) take stringent penalties and spot destruction of the offending horns against vehicles fitted with musical and air horns.
2) strictly enforce no honking and no speeding in this stretch especially between 8am-11 am, 4-9 pm, after 10pm by surprise checks at the club including DUI as the club serves alcohol.
3) take stringent action based on complaints from concerned citizens.
This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Beware MAX NY LIFE American Greed & Indian Inefficiency-LEDSTOI-14nov2007

All present and potential policy holders, Beware of Max New York Life Policies. Their "agent/advisors' are agents first and only incidentally advisors. Bad advisors at that.
They do not divulge critical details of the policies like periodic hike in premia for the riders, the cash surrender value, vitally essential for the policy holder about to decide committing to potentially 43 years of bondage.
A long contract based on incomplete and inaccurate advice and information doled out by their 'highly trained advisors'
Cannot be considered valid or ‘Your Partner for life’.
The Cash surrender value at any time before death/dreaded disease or age 100 do us part is 30 percent of the fully paid up premia excluding the first year's premium (gratis for the company) and any other dues at any time after 3 years.
In other words, they keep SEVENTY PERCENT of your money and interest it earned over the years, if you leave the “satisfied family partnership’ for any reason after 3 years. This Magical SEVENTY PERCENT probably based on the INDIAN illiteracy rate is a Draconian penalty which should not have escaped the watch dog IRDA. Whose primary mission was to protect the interest of the policy holders, especially the seventy percent majority.
The policies, riders, premium notices, receipts, account statements and annual performance reports are American jargon filled, complicated, confusing. Incomprehensible to Lawyers and number crunchers even, forget the laymen.
Free look proviso carries a penalty again the magical SEVENTY PERCENT we suspect.
The company is inefficient, 14 month old issues pending. When questioned waves the IRDA recognition as a justification for all their actions.
IRDA's duty was to first protect the 70 percent illiterate from the clutches of multinational sharks.
IRDA seems to have grossly failed in its primary Mission to protect the Policy Holder.

Tired of Buffoons-LEDS TOI 20Nov2007

We are tired of these buffoons running a government of the few for the few and by the few.
They are delaying progress, improvement, denying freedom, liberty, wasting tax rupees
to line their coffers.
In addition they are institutionalizing corruption.
We after 60 years of democracy are still being ruled by our own brethern,
in a way worse than we had to suffer under the british.
We do not want money being wasted on further elections till the next one is due
as per the old schedule.
The current bunch can wait the period out, lick their wounds and do some
real work to build the image of their parties and themselves as Public servants
and face the next election.
If they fail to muster enough strength, President's rule can be reimposed till the next due election five years later.
The money so saved can be spent on nation building activities.
We have no problem being administered by nonelected officials who should be given equal opportunity to
prove themselves in a federal system of governance.
We are tired of this TAMASHA called democracy.
Please do not lift the president's rule till the next due general election.

DG(S) LEDP 27 Nov 2007

No one can defend the Gowda family I liked reading H S Balram’s ‘Best Spoilers award goes to son of the soil, son’ (‘To the Point’, Nov. 25) His suggestion that DG(S) could also be the acronym for Deve Gowda (Santana) is apt for this family. Not a word can be said in defence of this family. Thanks and keep up the good work of educating the masses.
I like your 'To the Point'.
Your suggestion DG(S) could also be the acronym for
apt for this family which has robbed, looted and reduced the state to be one of the most corrupt states in the nation and therefore the world.
Not a word can be said in defence of this bunch of looters.
Thanks and keep up the good work of educating the masses.