I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Shame on this lawless lawyer who violates laws frequently

What is going on in this city? Lawyers are behaving undignifiedly like autodrivers or rowdies. Holding up traffic this way and misbehaving with public servants? Why didnot this lawyer who created the fuss and the scene ever think that he has broken some law instead of upholding it as his duty as a lawyer if his vehicle was damaged by being towed away earlier once?
Police should mercilessly fine him and his brethern for creating a traffic jam and disobedience of a lawful order. The society has sunk to an unimaginable low boorish behaviour by its citizens behaviour who appear to be promoting goondaism and disorder.
Shame on lawyers, lawmakers of today and us citizens for tolerating this kind of spoilt brat behaviour from them.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Why does civil society tolerate such Infernal shame heaped on an innocent respected citizen just because he is higher caste?

Why does a so called "Civil Society" India tolerate such infernal shame and defamation heaped on a respected, honorable and importantly innocent citizen like Dr L Subramanian?
When acknowledged offenders like Renukacharya/ Halappa are
going around as VIPs.
Is it because of caste? social standing? is there no penalty for false accusations as levelled by the "Dalit" woman Bhagya and the opportunist "DALIT" Sangharsh organization which probably took it up for the cheap publicity it would get?
Reputation and damage to a productive citizen of the society be damned?
It is obvious to any one with an iota of brain that the maid stole the money, and counter filed a complaint suddenly as a Dalit to deviate from the criminal issue.
Unfortunately these anti discrimination laws are being intentionally misused to harass innocents and the politicians and courts are party to it. Instead of removing discrimination it has created a dangerouly potent reverse discrimination weapon.
The maid and the organization which backed het should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the criminal law to send a message that law cannot be misused for harassment and retaliation.



Attempt-to-rape case against maestro closed
During investigation, famed violinist L Subramaniam produced evidence that he was not in town on the day he was accused of molesting his maid

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Pratibha,Priyadarshini rape Murder reflection of Increasingly indifferent society?

Priyadarshini Mattoo and Pratibha Murthy rape and murder cases are a reflection of an increasingly apathetic society.
Instead of empathy towards the victims who can no longer speak up for themselves and the relatives who lost them so brutally, the judicial system treats them to prolonged uncertain agony of the kind of justice they may eventually get.
Sympathy is wasted on the scofflaw criminals who will likely be a burden to the society in more ways than one.
This in many cases becomes worse than the original crime.
Judges have to adequately reflect the society's disgust and abhorrence that while ensuring the defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
In the absence of the victim and most likely destroyed /manipulated evidence, it could be based on a preponderance of probability in the interests of a safe and civil society.
No tears need be shed for , Rathores, SK Singhs and Shivakumars of this increasingly lawless society.

Society's Unempathetic treatment of victim's family

This is very unfortunate insult after 14 years wait for the family.
Rape and murder are no longer rarest of rare cases to reserve death sentence. They have become daily affair. So the attitude of the courts that death sentence should be reserved for rarest of rare cases should be changed immediately, by amendment if necessary. US has a three strikes law for example which makes a three time conviction makes life sentence mandatory.
In Mattoo case, I wish there was an option for presidential appeal to change it to death. If commutation is possible revese should be possible for such heinous crimes which were diluted for extraneous reasons by IPS father.
This is the kind of injustice that promotes unjust tolerance towards lawlessness.
The distance in time and space of the deciding authority is the major reason for this complacent attitude.

Mattoo shattered in Priyadarshini case

I wonder if the honorable supreme court would have been as tolerant to find " Facts in Santosh Singh's Favor" "ends of justice being met" in so arbitrary a fashion had one of their own daughters, sisters, mothers been raped and murdered this way? And the way criminal justice system from the police station onwards was pervertedly manipulated by the influential IPS officer father at all levels. Please dont tell the world it did not happen. We all know what happened. What is the deterrent punishment for gross crimial violation of civic society's norms and standards? what is the message that is being conveyed to other current and potential criminals by this verdict? This is what happens when "justice" is delivered "delayed" by time and space. It appears callous. There should be an equal opportunity for appeal to the president to revert the life sentence to death when such obvious failure to meet ends of justice results in a slap in the face of civil society.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Electronic autometers tamperproof? what a joke!

If you want to find out whether electronic autometers are
tamperproof, there is a simple test.
Wait for an autorickshaw with an electronic meter to come by.
While waiting, tell the drivers with mechanical meter that you
prefer an electronic meter (presumably because they are tamper proof or more accurate? remember Electronic voting machines sir!) and see the cynical sarcastic smiles they give at your foolishness.
One auto driver even asked me do you really think electonic meters are not tampered?
Now a days I choose to get robbed by either!
We Indians are clever and crooked. We will fix anything!
We choose theconvenient tortuous path of illegal ity over straight and honest any day!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

CM s son MP lied

The criminality of lying under oath by the CM's son
cannot be diluted by pointing out others high and mighty who might have done it.
For the investingating agencies and the public who have to digest this garbage day in and out it would be helpful if we remembered
what was done: Lied under oath.
The whys, whos and hows are subsequent and may add to the criminality but will never lessen it .

K S Naidu's shameless conscienceless mission


What a shameless unethical mission.
Only conscienceless politicians can undertake
such pilgrimages without qualms.
No ordinary mortal would have the guts
or the face.
They do not want to see that in the process
the king has become naked.
At one point of time there might have been
traces of public sympathy for CM Yeddy.
But his own gross lack of spine in dealing with
dissidence, moral turpitude, corruption from top to bottom
in the party and the administration has turned the sympathy
into anger in the citizens who are now asking the
valid question, can this man run a household much less a
The party and the man need to answer this urgent question
decisively and immediately if they have to survive this
flood of scams.