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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Price of Hyderabadi hospitality-one roti?-21-Aug-2008

21 Aug 2008

Believe it or not, For a hospitality industry like an eatery, in a hitech city like Hyderabad guess what is the price they are willing to pay for customer relationship, goodwill and reputation?
Very hungry and very tired tourists to your city, we unfortunately chose to eat at new Anupama vegetarian restaurant at Ameerpet.
We hoped to eat what we liked of the menu as much as we liked when we opted for the unlimited thali.
The standard practice in any civilized society even for limited thali is a second serving of all the side dishes except the sweet and the yogurt.
At Anupama- which incidentally means- without comparison or incomparable- we finished the one supplied roti and papad and asked for another roti.We were aghast when they bluntly refused! saying that only rice is unlimited!
They did not bring a second round of vegetable serving either. can any one just eat rice?Since the available authority present, failed to see that they were murdering the traditional Indian dictum ' Athithi Devobhava' for one roti we walked out after throwing down the 420 rupees plus taxes.
I am not sure that food items attract vat or not mentioning vat is extra on the menu card is not a legal violation. It is for Mr Reddy and his authorities to investigate if they care about Andhrapradesh.
I guess the 420-section of IPC dealing with cheating -is not a coincidence in this case.I could not but recall the extraordinary excellence of service courtesy and food quality at Bhoj restaurant,at Aurangabad, for the same price, last year.
The waiters were impeccably dressed, provided motherly service with typical Indian hospitality of urging more food than you can eat, leaving a lasting impression.
In a way this was also a lasting impression that we should never visit Hyderabad again.
Should we say Thank you Anupama ?For destroying all our favorable preconceived notions of a hitech city and reinforcing our intentions never to visit Hyderabad again escpecially because, the beautiful roads have been allowed to deteriorate, the autorickshaws refuse to ply, traffic is totally chaotic with laws violated with impunity 24/7.I ask the owners of this restaurant and all authorities in hospitality industry, to visit Bhoj at Aurangabad and learn what the true meaning of hospitality is.
Through this letter I ask the Chief Minister Mr Reddy,what government is there in Andhrapradesh that needs new Aeroplanes?
Facts:Date 19 Aug 2008Time: 14.55Place: New Anupama vegetarian restaurant,#6-3-788/7/A, opp Chandana Brothers,Ameerpet Hyderabad 500016;Phone: 66411694, 9290677254 Table: 0015, KOTS 02, CVR 01,Waiter 08.No.000018-receipt #?South Indian Thali, Qty: 6 Rate: 70.00, Total 420,Vat: 31.50,Total: 451.50KOT # 41364131, Time: 14.55.41,

Friday, August 08, 2008

RTI act modifications-LEDS8aug2008

This is with reference to the reported observations of Karnataka state Secondary education minister Mr Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri, that modifications to the RTI are needed so that intentions of the applicants are known to the government , to prevent its misuse.

It is amazing that the 'new' minister is not aware that the government is protected from providing any sensitive information or against national interest.

How did he manage to so quickly discover the 'misuse' of a ' three year old law?

The RTI is a central government act passed as an open book policy, a bench mark of democracy.

To ensure fair play, justice, equal rights to information and transparency in the government's functioning.

The data provided is public domain and is no one's personal property to be protected.

However, in view of unfair and unlawful functioning in the government, it is likely to be uncomfortable to the providers .

Such statements are very ominous and do not at all bode well for democracy especially when passed by a state minister against the wisdom of a central act.

In these days of one day wonders of coalition politics it is the duty of the press to enlighten its reading public on the 'experience' behind these remarks so we can attach the weightage due to such utterances.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

circular to netas-toileds7aug2008

This is with reference to the circular issued by the chief secretary Sudhakar Rao to all officials asking them to respect 'netas'.
As an ordinary nonofficial Bangalorean, I have a recommendation to these one day wonder 'netas' also.
You are here today and gone tomorrow.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

grahana-grahachara tv 9 -1aug2008

Congratulations on your very catchily titled Grahana - grahacahara program broadcast today.

I have to laud the futile but spirited and vigorous efforts of Astrologer (is he also a DR Sachidanand like his father Dr B V Raman was?) Sacchidanand Babu to push for a science status for Astrology.

The whole program reminded me of Tenali Ramakrishna's famous Tilakastha Mahishabhanda story.
I fervently wished the scientists on the panel had taken a Kashta-stick- from that story and called Mr Babu's bluff to open the bundle he kept trying to open throughout.
I felt somewhere that typical of Indian Scientists however great they are scientifically, the controlling fear factor of the unknown and the unknowable lit and smoldering in us from generations stopped them from taking the decisive step in challenging Mr Babu in the welfare of science.

This I think did a great disservice to both Science as a Science and Astrology as a matter of deep personal belief and faith,to which many people swear allegiance to .
It seemed at the end that Astrology had a relevance only to the humans, of all life forms on earth.

If the intended goal of the program was Grahana was Grahana not a 'Grahachara' , then it failed totally.

Over all the program appeared to promote Mr Babu the astrologer who wanted a scheduled science status to Astrology, for the prestige and credibility the title provided.
Overall rating for the program?- Two hours of Entertainment.