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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Krithika case US indifference to conventions and racism pure and simple

It is gross indifference by usa towards global diplomatic
conventions,compounded by India's indifference to its own citizens. lf
Indian government was proud of itself and its citizens it would stand
up straighter and demand the respect due to us. Our cumulative psyche
has been completely down trodden after 2 centuries white and 13
centuries hun rule. We still insist on fawning, cowering and cringing
before white and brown foreign skinned masters.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

why all this hullabaloo about Governor Bhardwajs attempt to bring some decency to democracy?

Politically unaligned ordinary citizens who crave for clean governance fail to comprehend this tirade tamasha against Governor Bhardwaj's action.
No one not even diehard BJP followers, even as they are gloating over making a mockery of democracy, can claim that this or then show of strength by Yeddyurappa is or was in any way upholding the constitution or democratic norms or peoples representation act.
He got it after illegally pruning the assembly strength and immorally shamelessly horse trading MLAs.
Governor Bhardwaj after the SC verdict which stayed his hand till now had no option but to reiterate his stand that the government had not constitutionally proved its strength.
His recommendations may be incovenient for the weak UPA government, to enforce.
Earlier with brute strength congress would have bulldozed it down the peoples throats as it did in Bommai case.
Now with fresh stink of horse trading any proof of strength by BJP does not have any moral authority to claim majority.
They need a agnishuddhi or public panchagavya cleansing as per traditional Hindutva which they tomtom so proudly with
daily dole to all and sundry temples.