I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

India Condemn's Saddam's Hanging-IBN30Dec2006

Saddam's hanging is an eternal blot on the "Democratic regimes" in USA AND UK. "All the perfumes of Arabia cannot wash this little hand". Had Saddam Hussein been judged while in power or by the Iraqis themselves without the foreign presence, this would not have left such a bad after taste. There is no sense of triumphing justice , but a strong feeling of whimpering conscience. The exact the same feeling left behind with the 1979 Zulfiquar Ali Bhutto hanging. The rest of the world will pay a heavy price and bear a heavy burden for the follies of the BB (Bush and Blair) cow boys.

Friday, December 22, 2006



Reply to Vijay's rave about BMP seals kid in-IBN

Hi Vijay,
Dont go wandering off the issue.From Where did the question of a raped six year old come up?The citizens of India are treated like second rate criminals by the police and law enforcement authorities at all times. You may have experienced this if you are stopped by a traffic policeman for any reason, come back into the country from outside, or by the Road transport authorties for checking your documents.Have You seen a ticketless traveller being pushed out of the running train? I have. He could have been fined and jailed as per law. You are presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Have you tried attending a traffic court? In all other countries the citizens of that country get treated with respect and deference, we do not.In this case, had the authorities sealing the building under court orders been humane , could have checked whether there were any occupants in the apartment before sealing.There was no need to push the occupants around or slap the child. "Our" independent Indian bureaucracy treats Indians like we are still their slaves.AND WE TOLERATE IT. Their Mindset is like the British "Masters"dealing with the "Occupied" is what I meant. I am and always have been all for the just and fair enforcement of law. But not for official highhandedness. Look at who is ruling us? Most are Criminals or corrupts.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Manu Sharma gets life in Lall case-19Dec2006

Lower courts err on the side of extreme caution in such high profile cases. They pass on the responsibility to higher shoulders.In this process they lose sight of their duty which is to sieve truth and fact from the mass of falsehoods from intimidated or bought witnesses. This is the only chance the lifeless victims get to tell the world about the injustice they suffered. Instead the lower courts cower behind the catch all phrase "Prosecution failed to prove beyond REASONABLE DOUBT" which while protecting the rights of the defendant totally tramples those of the prematurely silenced victims.Justice triumphed.Hoping that it will prevail on further appeals sure to come.

Bail Plea Vikas Yadav and Gill-19 Dec 2006

Our laws are too soft to be effective deterrents. While barbaric the middle eastern laws surely keep the crime rate down.Let us not blame the parents for the crimes of these fully grown children, in this case.We Indian adults are probably the most irresponsible group in the universe. We never take responsibility for any of our actions.We always have excuses, for all our wrong deeds and actions. Our parents, circumstances, peers, society and even stars and planets.Literally everything under the sun rather than the one and only one thing we should acknowledge, that We are responsible for our actions. We should mature and mature quickly to survive in the new millennium.

Vikas Yadav gets RI -21 Dec 2006

am extremely pleased that some justice was finally gotten. Nobody can really give life back to Jessica, so wasted for a glass of alcohol.I only hope that the Delhi High court does not buy the obnoxious,nauseating explanation of Vikas Yadav's counsel that he has already spent four years (for Nitish Katara case!) and he deserves bail. When did they ever start awarding sentences to different MURDERS run concurrently?This creep and a blot on humanity should for ever be put away without a chance of parole to protect the society. No One can predict how many more Murders he will commit after he is released. The witnesses and the families of the victims have a life to live.

I have read some extremely unfortunate and derogatory comments about Ms Lall's job.Aren't the men who frequent these places as responsible for her job? It is a supply meeting demand situation.

Ram Doss Bans Junk Food-IBN19Dec2006

Seek the motives in all actions.
Junk food= Big profits.
squeeze Big profits = big donations to the kitty.
if the aim is Health indeed, why not ban alcohol and cigarettes?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

M F Hussain's artistic freedom is harassed-IBN-17Dec2006

By definition Freedom is, A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference and lack of modesty or reserve.It is Mr Hussain's prerogative to express himself freely. It is not his fault that he is regarded highly and his paintings get wide publicity.I question the maturity of the few who try to "Protect" "womanhood""Hinduism" etc by blaming Mr Hussain for the direction his artistic creativity has taken.Our own sculptors and artists -of unknown religious inclination- depiction of these mythological figures be considered holy and worthy of reverence but by Mr Hussain offensive?If any should take offense its the saraswathi's lakshmi's or the phallic symbol Shiva. They cannot.I think Hinduism and its pantheon of gods have survived thousands of years of assaults,violations, insults successfully.Their very ability to turn the other cheek is what has given them long term survivability. They do not need such support through court cases by "the hurt sentiments" but by better practice of the tenets. This just blows a minor issue out of proportion. It is a gross waste of resources. Filing cases all over the country is designed to make the public figures run from pillar to post to defend himself. The courts should discourage these harassment techniques. These same hurt sentiments could be better directed to more urgent issues that face the nation like corruption and lawlessness.

M F Hussain's artistic freedom is harassed-IBN

By definition Freedom is, A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference and lack of modesty or reserve.It is Mr Hussain's prerogative to express himself freely. It is not his fault that he is regarded highly and his paintings get wide publicity.I question the maturity of the few who try to "Protect" "womanhood""Hinduism" etc by blaming Mr Hussain for the direction his artistic creativity has taken.Our own sculptors and artists -of unknown religious inclination- depiction of these mythological figures be considered holy and worthy of reverence but by Mr Hussain offensive?If any should take offense its the saraswathi's lakshmi's or the phallic symbol Shiva. They cannot.I think Hinduism and its pantheon of gods have survived thousands of years of assaults,violations, insults successfully.Their very ability to turn the other cheek is what has given them long term survivability. They do not need such support through court cases by "the hurt sentiments" but by better practice of the tenets. This just blows a minor issue out of proportion. It is a gross waste of resources. Filing cases all over the country is designed to make the public figures run from pillar to post to defend himself. The courts should discourage these harassment techniques. These same hurt sentiments could be better directed to more urgent issues that face the nation like corruption and lawlessness.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mahesh Bhupati Leander Paes Teamwork over?

This change in chemistry and shift in relationship is a natural evolution in any sphere of life. In fact it may be a healthy attitude to end the relationship and restart on some other foundation if its found it is not working.This is especially true in team sport, where each is expected to perform 110 percent to make the team win.The results may actually depend on the attitude rather than the performance.Mythologically, nonworking systems have been known to be broken down to "ASHES" By Shiva and rebuilt by Brahma the creator.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Raymond's (everybody loves) Frank Boyle dies-IBN-14dec2006

Cute but frustrating old man. We all could identify with the old man's thought processes and may be even agree with them!On many occasions we wanted to bash his head in for the devastating comments and observations he was sure to pass on cue.He will be sorely missed.

BMP Seals Kid in without food-14Dec2006 IBN

Yech!Sealing up a child without food for hours, enforcing court orders is reinforcing the saying Law is Blind.How many more years of independece do we need before we have a civilian friendly Law enforcement?Is this harsh British legacy a divine Churchillian Retribution for demanding and getting our freedom?

Two hundred years of Raj seems to have created a successful "brothers against brothers" mind set.

We are doing everything to fulfill his dire prediction"Scoundrels and Rogues" will rule the country.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dangerous Banking practices in India-LEDS

Now a days the bank pass books almost universally are updated at one open printer counter in most banks. They are left on the open counter unattended to be riffled through by anybody. Additionally, No acknowledgement is ever issued for leaving the pass book to be picked up later.
The earlier practice of passbook updating at individual counters for the passbooks with in that series afforded some degree of privacy and protection for sensitive personal financial information guaranteed by the Bankers confidentiality act.
Nowadays with the drop box facility we never get an official acknowledgement for deposited checks either, leading to a blame game, in case checks go missing.
Such actions of banks smack of poor customer service and severely curtail the rights of the customers.
All the Banks should immediately act and set these serious lacunae right .

We Need Mature Tolerance-PUBTOI14Dec2006

Congratulations to Times of India and Kudos to the Supreme Court for upholding the right of publishing balanced news that caters to all age groups(13 Dec 2006).
This was long overdue. Since the departure of the Victorian British Raj.
We act more straight laced than the British.
The courts need to take similar liberal views
with Actors baring skin, movie dialogues, paintings that hurt "religious sentiments", advertisements etc.
I see we Indians as a group resist age tolerance/maturity cycle. We don't develop tolerance with age or maturity. We are ready to take umbrage at the least and unimportant "slights". We need to outgrow these.

Bangalore's Disastrous cacophony -LEDS

Almost every Bangalore vehicle driver indulges in a sadistic honking orgy all the time he is at the driver's seat, when he does not verbalize it on the other road users. He expends all his real and imagined frustrations on the horn button. This leads to a devastating ripple effect on the community and environment as the following statistics show.
The 24 lakh vehicles on 4200 kms roads means 570 vehicles /km. Even assuming that only ten percent of the vehicles are on the road 24 hours all the time there are 57/km 24/7.
However, a more likely assumption, that about 30 percent of the vehicles are on the arteries(10 percent of 4200) during the peak hours, 1600 vehicles clog every kilometer of the arteries.

Most of these indulge in unnecessary honking-by definition all those that are not intended to avoid an immediate accident. A one second honk, affects 1/3 square kilometer area which again by the average population density of Bangalore, means will affect 30,000 unintended,uninvolved, victims that live in the area. This gives an idea of the direct, devastating, deleterious effect on the environment and populace.
I am sure, the authorities like the Governor, Chief Minister, legislators, bureaucrats who happen to live or work in the busy areas can vouch for the cacophonic assault on their ears personally .

I request the police authorities to deem all areas in and around Bangalore as Silent zones with immediate effect unless otherwise notified. Thus save the unfortunate public who call Bangalore Home.
They should strictly implement the Supreme court's 10 pm to 6am no noise/honking order that most enforcement officials appear unaware of.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Portals of Shameless Fawning

Recently some one I know closely was denied
entrance at the apple of apple shiners club
The Bangalore Club.
His crime? wearing a Kurta.
I recall a Bombay club pulling the similar stunt on Mr M F Hussain.
Heil the British and the enduring subservience they instilled in us.

They continue to rule us from beyond the grave.

No better method of control to the concept, Empire, on which the sun never sets can
be conceived.

Nay, We the brown A???? S???ing babus of India Shall never let it set.

I might perhaps have understood the attitude
in the immediate generation after the British left.
Since Huttu guna suttaru bidolla (habits dont go even when incinerated).

The action and attitude that drives it, is an affront to the very meaning of Bharat
which has outsurvived and outshone "BRITISH" by thousands of years.

It is also a gross violation of the constitution of the Republic.

What are the self appointed Upholders,defenders and protectors of Bharatiyatva-
the BJP and the likes of them doing?
Why not do something constructive instead of calling for meaningless bandhs holding the very people that elected them to ransom?

Suo motu congizance of the violation should be taken by the highest judicial authorities in the country including perhaps the Human Rights Commission.
Severe and strict penalties should be instituted against Portals of such shameless fawning and a?? S???ing.
The archaic constitution BC(Before Christ- Bangalore Club) should be replaced by one that is in conformity with the Constitution of India.

No one should be under any guise tolerated trampling that basic freedom and hence the dignity guaranteed by it.

Until then, no self respecting Indian should visit such clubs.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Does Manu Sharma Deserve a fair Trial ofcourse yes, he got it

Of course Manu Sharma deserves a fair trial.

He has already gotten more than a fair trial.

Despite the whole nation believing that he was guilty, he got away like OJ Simpson in the USA, he was found not guilty.

He got it at the expense of truth and justice to the memory of Jessica.

Whatever transpired that day, she surely did not deserve to die either at Manu Sharma or the Sikh Gentleman's hand if we have to swallow Jethmalani's version.

How do we know that the Newspaper's innuendo was not part of the effort to save Manu Sharma?

Nobody can ever really discover the degree of political influence, pressures, intimidation, that might have gone into the case the way it was presented to the judge.

Only Manu Sharma and his well wishers know the full extent of that effort.
Now thankfully, the prosecution has appealed that judgement in order to give the dead a chance to speak.
The question should be, whether Jessica Lall and family should have a fair chance to come to peace with her untimely death? if it ever can be given to them?

The society they were part of certainly owes it to them.

As a healthcare professional I take serious offence at the suggestion that Legal and Medical ethics provide no options to the Lawyers and Doctors about who they choose as a client or patient.
It is grossly unfair practice to lump lawyers ethics and Medical ethics together except in the rarest of rare cases.
That you see in John Grisham stories, movies.

Doctors do not have to worry about the guilt or innocence of the patient or the luxury of time to evaluate it.
In fact if anything, for Lawyers time is the only resource they have in abundance.
Come, come now, Let us not even kid ourselves that Lawyers especially the top ones are motivated solely by the degree of injustice the client has suffered at the halls of justice. Their ability to pay the whopping fee never remotely enters the picture.
It is a well known fact all over the world that the more guilty the client is higher is the chargeable fee.
No matter how loud and hard Mr Jethmalani screams to prove otherwise, world will choose to go by history.

Now we have to utilize the last chance we as a society will ever be given to set a wrong right.


2 Dec 2006


Bangalore as a global city is constantly being watched.
Tourist hotspots like ISKCON are particularly on the centre stage. They reflect how Bangalore is Perceived.
The slums in front of ISKCON thrive despite repeated complaints. They give a bad impression of a global city. The BMP promptly demolishes perfectly well built but illegal structures. Why cannot they clean up their act in these brand image places?

The slums and vendors create a spill over traffic mess in the evenings. It is particularly dangerous for pedestrians mostly tourists in this very very busy chord road.
We would be glad to send these complaints directly to the commissioner if only the email link he provides for contacting him work. commissioner@bmponline.org, commn-bmp@karnataka.gov.in

Unfortunately they donot.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Reply to Bumbandit's rave

Bumbandit:I fail to understand your reason and logic(if any) in the reply you have given to a perfectly valid question "woman" raised. I suspect your vituperation and very revealing alias you are using covers up a very disturbed psyche. I guess you are a male and probably with the same upbringing as Manu Sharma. If you believed what you said you would not have hidden behind a fake but very suggestive alias. If this country is going to dogs its because of immaturity like yours. With supporters like you, Ram Jethmalani does not need enemies. Open your eyes and tiny mind a little and you will know what the whole of India believes, irrespective of what happened in the court, Manu Sharma killed Jessica Lall. Political influence,corruption and money changed the course of the case.
( Posted by M B Nataraj on Friday , December 01, 2006 at 22:01 )

"womanI have just one question for mr.jethmalani...if instead of jessica it were his mother sister wife daughter or daughter in law who got killed would he have still manu sharma. Even if the motive of the killing was as told by mr. jethmalini it does not reduce the graveness of the crime. a man can't kill a woman for not complying to his wishes. ( Posted: Friday , November 17, 2006 at 13:40 ) Rating: 0 0-->i wish it was you instead of jessica!! 'what if jessica was his mother, sister' whay do u ask such silly questions?? do u have any idea of the case?? do u know anything about the law?? the right to defend and the confidentiality between the lawyer and the client?? why the bloody hell dont u work with the deprived and the downtrodden women in our society for a change?? women like you just bullshit about values...are u so sure about your own morality and character?? ask yourself that first before even having the cheek to question the itellectual and moral integrity of a champion like ram J. ( Posted by bumbandit on Friday , November 17, 2006 at 17:02 ) "

Friday, December 01, 2006


Improve Hit and Run victims fates(LEDS)

13 Nov 2006,
The Law has made medical aid mandatory for accident victims.
Accident Medicine is firm that the aid given in the golden hour post accident is the most critical in saving lives.
However, harsh ground realities have made medical services the extremely expensive.
In a recent hit and run accident an 8 year old victim's poor parents, had a medical bill of 36,000 rupees for the first 3 days.
The medical care providers are not sure of who is covering their expenses. So they resort to patient dumping. Which is sending them off to other hospitals under the usual guises of "too serious, needs more specialized treatment, not available here" etc. This costly search for a hospital results in many preventable avoidable deaths.

Of the 450,000 dead and injured in 2000 in India almost 150,000 were environmentally friendly bicyclists and pedestrians.

They do not cost the exchequer any foreign exchange yet are treated with contempt and derogation by the petroleum guzzlers.

An appropriate corpus fund or a blanket insurance policy should be instituted by the government.

It can be funded out of traffic fines, compensations paid by Motor accident claims tribunals orders,road taxes, etc.
This ensures immediate medical expenses of accident victims.
The victims should not be denied critical medical aid because they are unable to pay.

Jethmalani defends Manu Sharma

10 Nov 2006
The defence lawyer is required to see that the defendant is given the due process of Law. It does not mean that he has to besmirch the dead who cannot defend themselves to achieve this.The levels the defence lawyer-whom I am ashamed now to say I respected at one time for the status he had in the legal field- unfortunately reminds me of the "JOKE"- What is the similarity between a sperm and a Lawyer? Both have about a 1 in million chance of becoming Human"

Support for Jessica Lall Family

10 Nov 2006
May God give you the strength and courage to continue your fight for justice. As a victim who fought 18 years for justice through its tortuous corridors, I can understand the pressures of this fight for justice. I am suppressing a twinge of fear that the likes of Ram Jethmalani and influence of rotten politicians like papa sharma may deny you justice. If that happens we not only tolerated the assassination of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi but will have witnessed the death of his fundamental foundation for this Nation: Satyam Eva Jayate. May that day never come.

Reckless autodriver causes 18 deaths in Tamil nadu(LEDS)

2 Nov 2006,

This is with reference to the tragic accident at a railway crossing in Tamilnadu, where an autorickshaw overloaded with 18 people on board stalled on the tracks , was crushed.

All the passengers enroute to a funeral ironically were killed.

These foolhardy , reckless, totally preventable accidents are exhibited too frequently by bus, truck, auto, bullock cart and tractor drivers all over India. Invariably with enormously tragic consequences.

This "flying into the sun on wings of wax "Icarean" attitude does not deserve sympathy but condemnation and abhorrence.

Ninety percent of the accidents that occur are attributable to human error and totally avoidable.

They cost the nation 15000 crores of rupees at a conservative estimate annually.

The immediate kneejerk reaction is to blame the railways.
It is grossly unfair since railways have very restricted,long established tracks. Their mammoth size precludes maneuverability.

Instead, Trains should be treated as emergency vehicles with a right of way.

The governments ever ready to encash votes readily, dole out compensation in with our hard earned tax money.

This state of affairs is intolerable.

The moronic users that cross tracks this way should be curtailed by severe penalties for violations.

The Penalties should include attempt to suicide and abetment to murder in the case of this auto driver.

Bidapa letter(LEDS)

31 October 2006,
With reference to Mr Bidapa's letter
(31 Oct 2006) trying to uphold
trampled truth.
If Smt Judith Bidapa was innocent why did she not surrender and tell her story?
The following story, though ribald may have some morals for all
of the involved and concerned.
A pastor entered his donkey in a race and it won. The pastor was so pleased with the donkey that he entered it in the race again,and it won again.
The local paper read: "Pastor's ass out front".The Bishop was so upset with this kind of publicity that he ordered the pastor not to enter the donkey in another race.
The next day, the local paper headline read: "Bishop scratches pastor's ass"This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered the pastor to get rid Of the donkey. The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a nearby convent.
The local paper, hearing of the news, posted the following headline The next day: "Nun has best ass in town"The bishop fainted. He informed the nun that she would have to get rid of the donkey, so she sold it to a farmer for $10.
The next day the paper read: "Nun sells ass for $10"This was too much for the bishop, so he ordered thenun to buy back the donkey and lead it to the plains where it couldrun wild. The next day the headlines read: "Nun announces her ass is wild and free"
The bishop was buried the next day.
The moral of the story: being concerned about public opinion can bring you much grief and misery…and even shorten your life. So be yourself and enjoy life… Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and you'll be a lot happier and live longer!

Gowda Scion(LEDS)

29 October 2006
Ofcourse the government is trying to bury the case.
They must be bringing enormous pressure on the Empire hotel staff who probably complained not realizing who the culprits were and the police registered the case.
Should we be grateful that the Gowda clan did not reward their "Scion" with a
Suvarna Karnataka award on the occasion?

Kumaraswamy supports son(LEDS)

28 October 2006,
This is with reference to the Chief Minister Kumaraswamy's reported remarks about his son's vandalism and drunken brawls as "Boys will be boys and It is not embarrassing".
They are appalling and tongue in cheek remarks which should be deplored most strongly.
They do not reflect well on the image of the State's Chief Minister.
Embarrassing is always in the view of the beholder not the perpetrator.
"Bangalore's life style" seems to have spawned a large number of antisocial
behaviour in the 18-50 age range in the upper crust of Karnataka recently.

The Proverbial Indian "SON" who "upholds" and "promotes" the family name, fame and reputation seems to have a very very long umbilical cord -even beyond 50 years of age?
Usually,You do not find the same appalling behaviour from the poor daughter who is again proverbially intended for aarathi.

It might be a reflection of the deferential treatment a son receives growing up from the parents.
Under the circumstances, I suggest the
Chief Minister, before he lays down office, legislate to increase the age of Majority from the present 18 to may be 35 or 40 and or more in the case of VIP brats to 50, in order to more accurately reflect the ground realities.

CJ Cyriac's Comments upset lawyers(LEDS)

Dear Sir,
With reference to the remarks of the Chief Justice Cyriac Joseph about Lawyers and judges role in corruption in the judiciary,
Kudos to the chief justice for taking such a bold step despite the predictable consequences.
Instead of using this golden opportunity of self cleansing, the lawyers as a group are behaving like political parties, who take umbrage at any valid remarks. When found guilty claim the few black sheep do exist but should not be used to tar the entire group. Cleansing starts with the dirty spots. Political parties do the same when asked to pay for damages due to their bundhs. Like the infamous Indira Gandhi statement "Corruption is a worldwide phenomenon" which at one stroke regularized it like building violations .
In my recent experience, I ended up paying a "Lawyer" 500 for a court levied fine of 50 - "avarigella kodbeku-police,clerks,nanna fees etc-without even getting my statement entered.
I would like to deeply appreciate the efforts Mr A V Amaranathan constantly puts in to PIL's for greater public good.
20 Oct 2006

Minister Reddy' s supporters Gherao SI-(LEDS)

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the Basaveshwarnagar SI gheraoed by mobsters of a PA to a minister, for
disciplining his wayward nephews.
It is a shame to this country that politicians in power or opposition and their henchman do not respect the laws of the nation or the enforcers.
Violation of Ban orders in Datta peetha for ulterior motives by party in power is an abhorrent example.

Any responsible politician should first fire the secretary for influencing a police official in the discharge of his duties, and censure the irresponsible followers for gheraoing the police.
The secretary should discipline his relatives.
The police should fearlessly discharge their duties and protect,preserve and maintain law and order.
We should support the police officer who discharged his duties and express disgust at the politicians behaviour.
12 Oct 2006

Justice Just & Fair(LEDS)


Three recent unrelated items of information yet connected only by our justice system, should raise alarm flags in everyone's minds when considered together.

Socialite Bina Ramani, wanted in Jessica Lall murder case, when she could not be implicated in it,
faces upto life in prison for producing false documents to get a licence for her hotel, .

Telgi's narco analysis video tapes which should have been confidential are all over the media, seriously diluting their value as evidence if any. Lie detector tests given when the subject is in full possession of the faculties is not accepted by most justice systems. Then of what value are the ramblings of a scientifically "drunken" man under a Hitlerian method as a source of information or truth?

The Rash and reckless driver who made an illegal turn and endangered a child and mother and murdered Constable Thimmaih on duty at Rajbhavan intersection gets three months imprisonment.
Whither the "just" in justice?
7 Sep 2006

JNU Prof Love affair(LEDS)

This is with reference to the sordid Love affair of a JNU Professor and his student.
I am appalled at the amount of media attention the story generated.
One was best left alone, much less make it to the top news.

It is obvious that the media's lack of news worthy news is a major culprit in the loss of perspectives.

The police appear to have misused their powers, without due cause to intrude and violate individual privacy.

It was pathetic to see the professor's blackened private life splashed across the TV screens in his underwear.
He was entitled to a better deal than that after years of serving the society. It was after all his personal life .

We had another dose of similar episode in the singer kissing item girl story.
Wither human dignity and privacy?
Have we as a nation lost our priorities? are there not enough issues better worthy of our collective attention?
This story graphically emphasizes our poor judgment and priorities.
Can we put a stop to it somewhere?
8 July 2006

CET Mess-2006(LEDS)

I am writing this as a parent with children seeking a decent professional education at a reasonable cost in a Socialistic Republic.
I am utterly confused about the fee committees, CET,COMED counselling,
CET Act, Supreme court decisions etc in this matter which were all
supposedly taken in the interests of professional Education and students.

All I can see is the government "seemingly" in action, and waiting for one
of the obvious road blocks (CET 2006, CABINET,SC, "OPPOSITION" etc ) as a
face saving device to throw up its hands.

If there is any question whether the intersts of the students have been protected,
a look at the engineering fee structure -37,000 or so for payment seat in three years ago
has become 85,000, now.

whose intersts have been protected?

Violation of Traffic laws-video evidence-(LEDS)


This is with reference to a Udaya TV video clipping aired yesterday.

It showed an underaged kid driving a motor vehicle.

It is a national shame that parents encourage such illegal acts by their children and our media glorifies it as laudable.

Several years ago a kid from Hyderabad pulled the same stunt in Bangalore and got away with it.It needed B P Suresh, an Inspector in Mysore city to charge the parents and pack them off to Hyderabad.
What is the city police and RTO doing tolerating such proved gross violations?

They should act, punish the guilty and restore the majesty of the Law of the Land.

Bangalore Customs-(LEDS)

For Indian Travellers of yore, immigration clearance and customs formalities were a
nightmare experience, reminescent of iron curtain country formalities.

I alwyas envied the US /British procedure where they had a walk through channel
for citizens and permanent residents.
I always wondered why we are not deferentially treated like that.
My recent experience where well staffed, courteous and helpful officials cleared the
travellers quickly and efficiently even while
ensuring the system was not misused.

It was a very pleasant and welcome change from the olden days.
The department has to be congratulated and commended on
the positive transformation in attitude and appearance they have managed in the last few years.

We Asked Whether The Police Are Trying To Bury The Nikhil Gowda Case-30 Oct 2006

Yes. Should we be grateful that the Gowda clan did not reward their scion with a Suvarna Karnataka award on the occasion?

Burdened Drivers-LEDPUB-20Oct2006

Burdened Drivers This is with reference to the unfortunate BMTC Volvo bus accident (Oct. 18). We have to place ourselves in the driver’s seat to appreciate the patience and effort these BMTC drivers show all the time. They are penalised by time constraints imposed by schedules that do not take into consideration the ground realities of city traffic. And we don’t pay them commensurate with the responsibility we entrust them with. As far as the accident was concerned, HAL, the employees, the people at the bus-stop and other vehicles in the vicinity cannot shirk their negligence and indifference to the incident.

One step plan-led(pub)

29 Aug 2006
The Honorable Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy,
All the Law Makers, Concerned Citizens and People Who matter and can and want to make a difference,

One of the biggest curses of Living In Bangalore,
Karnataka and nay most places in India is the
absence of quiet, silence and consequently peace.

The first thing that strikes any traveller abroad is
how quiet the other civilized countries are despite the heavier traffic.
One suddenly realizes it is the absence of honking.

Right to Drive is not a fundamental right, SILENCE is.

Honking is a major source of distress and in this great land of ours.


Even A cursory lending of our ear to our daily life makes it obvious that
It is more used as a substitute for careful and cautious driving, nay more as a weapon of aggression and assertion.

It leaves behind raw nerves, upset minds in both the honker and the "honkee" besides a TSUNAMI wave of resentment
in hundreds of uninvolved within earshot.


The Government, anxious no doubt justifiably, to save a few souls which would be lost to accidents for two wheelers is bringing in appropriate law to enforce helmets.

It should even more anxiously protect, preserve and strive to improve the quality of life for millions of others on a 24/7/365 basis at every opportunity.

As an emphasis on the role of Quiet and silence
as a fundamental right of a citizen of India, the supreme court has banned use of loud speakers during the night hours of normal rest.

Nothing prevents us from going one step further beyond the box envisaged by the supreme court.

I request all concerned to implement an immediate ban on honking 24/7 all over the state with immediate effect and transform the state of Karnataka.

Incredible good can be accomplished at one stroke by banning honking in Karnataka by executive order first.

This can subsequently be ratified by appropriate legislation.

Serious penalties should be enforced to ensure strict compliance.

Lenience can be shown only in individual cases if the violator can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the honking was to avert an immediate accident.

Flashing headlights can be a less intrusive substitute to prevent and avoid accidents.