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Friday, June 29, 2007

Silence those Blaring horns-LEDTOI-29June2007

Silence those blaring horns: It has become an everyday affair to witness motorists blaring their horns at traffic signals or during jams. Guidelines must be formulated to prevent unnecessary honking and erring motorists must be penalised. Air, musical and reverse horns must be banned. — M B Natraj, Bangalore

Pradyot Kumar vs Trichy Drs-IBN-28June2007

What a stark contrast Dr. Pradyot kumar is to Mindless Gandhimati and Murugesan,like the proverbial brahmin who tried to go to heaven latching on to a donkey's tail, latched on to her 15 year old son to take them to guiness book of records-some heaven indeed!Here is Dr Kumar seeking the police and in Trichy they are seeking the couple and their son.It is the 0.001 percent of Dr Kumar's who establish Dharma which the 99.999 percent of Murugesan,Gandhimati and Dhileepan's are trying to bring down.One should appreciate the patient's family for being so understanding about risks of any operation.May your tribe increase.

Reply to Andrew-IBN-28June2007

Come on Andrew, would you have been so generous and understanding about the situation if it had been you or your kin?The baby is not alright and it is very possible the condition has something to do with the operation.Would you be willing to sacrifice your life so that Dhileepan gets into Guiness book?This is like getting into an autorickshaw and finding out the driver does not have a license, and you thanking your stars that you reached home safe.I think civilized life in 21 century has to mean something more than this.

""The operation was successful and the baby and mother are healthy, so why so much fuss. Congratulate the boy. My hearty congratulations. Keep on going. In today's world if there can be more such doctors created, at least in rural areas, people will not have to travel all the way to cities to get treated, like china where 54% of the doctors in rural area are just primary or junior middle school training and then they get 2-year medical training and have the license to treat in rural area and perform minor surgeries. These doctors known as 'barefoot doctors' has assured quality lifestyle in rural areas in China with a population of 600,000,000 people, but when such a proposal was placed by the health ministry in India, the doctors and IMA vehemently opposed this as they were afraid that they will lose their clout. These doctors will not serve the poor and wont let others serve the poor'' as said by hanishReally we should appreciate the boy, If doctors due to money failed the operation what would the public do. Do they question against him NO? bcoz they have tag behind them as MBBS. I think this type of ego MBBS doctors (not all) should change the tag as BMBBS (Bribe MBBS).
( Posted: Tuesday , June 26, 2007 at 19:06 )

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

15 yr old does caesarean-IBN-22june2007

To claim that IMA does not have jurisdiction even before acting is absolute bull **** and height of self induced impotence on IMA's part.This shows how much IMA cares for Patients and upholding ethical values of allopathic medicine.This is the basic problem of peer professional groups who are required to police colleagues. Whether they be lawyers, doctors or other professionals.Had the IMA had a twinge of social obligation it would have initiated disciplinary action against the concerned, jurisdiction be damned.The guilty and shameless (undoubtedly)would have had the onus of proving IMA wrong in courts of law at which time the courts would have decided the matter. In the interests of the Public, I am sure in favor of IMA.

TN health secretary promises action-IBN22june2007

In allowing their butcher son perform a caesarean, Murugesan and Gandhimathi do not deserve to be called doctors.
Gandhimati is an insult to Mahatmagandhi's Mati.
They are quacks by practise. and are the shame of the profession.
One can not rule out that the spinal defect was due to surgical incompetence.
Now being branded as congenital to save their own miserable skins.Being doctors, if they need to prove their self worth by promoting
a criminal act by their minor son, they need serious psychiatric care.
Even if the government promises action, criminal courts should initiate suo motu action
against these criminals against humanity and civil behaviour.
No amount of public opprobium will be sufficient.
Only jail time will give them the opportunity to ponder over the extent of stupidity of their criminal action.

Monday, June 25, 2007

No action from TN Medical council-IBN23June2007

The reason Tamilnadu Medical Association is unwilling to act is the age old proverb who will bell the cat?This is the problem of professional peers disciplining professional peers.A Patient's ombudsman is required to protect the patient's interests despite professional peers trying to protect one of their own.This is a pervading problem with all peer professional groups and medical groups are more susceptible to it in view of the criminal nature of their misconduct or malpractise.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Madame Presidente-IBN 16 June 2007

Kudos to Mera Bharat Mahan.Finally electing a Bharatmata for the top most post in the country upholding the profound basic principle of India, that women are the foundation of any society.I wonder why Dr Najma Heptullah was not considered?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

snail mail anger-IBN13june2007

Postal department's anger at Zapak mails ad depicting the department as slow and inefficient is predictable.They are just confirming the proverb, state the reality or truth, it creates raging anger. I have had acknowledgements to Germany and USA supposedly returned after delivery of the article, in less than 24 hours of despatch.The dirty condition, superfast receipt of the acknowledgemt, the absence of postal stamp and recipient's signature or date confirmed my suspicions that the card had just fallen down even before despatch and delivered to me promptly.Ofcourse, one expected foreign postal articles, including stamps to be routinely stolen. People just got tired of complaining. The department just banked on that. Why should their hackles rise with such a glorious 243 year(1764?) old history.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

mumbai kids crash into vendors-IBN4june2007

This is the problem of too much money, too little parental control, and very lethargic law enforcement.The police instead of being stern law enforcers become theindulgent parents they are in real life.Why do we have such laid back attitudes towards compliance?We as a society need to drastically change our attitudes towards Laws and the urgent need for compliance, intended to bring order into a society's nature which by default is chaos.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Nonhindus cannot enter temple-IBN2jun2007

A bunch of provincial, anachronistic, myopic priests who cannot see that the primary reason Hinduism has survived for eons is because of its tolerance. Lose that you have lost out on an entire philosophy not a religion. They were more likely guilty of seeking media glare by their actions rather than by any desire to uphold "Hinduism".They were probably inspired by the fatwas and similar powers wielded by other religions.It is also against the concepts of a secular India. Probably no other religion prevents nonadherents from entering.How were the priests planning to confirm the religious orientation of the visitors?and how was the degree of adherence to the religion to be determined?Do they have similar standards of qualification for priesthood other than inherited?If we can deprive the Rajas and Maharajas of their power in democratic India, the legislation needs to be suitably changed to deprive the priests of this kind of usurped power.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

BMW lawyers stung-IBN 31 May 2007

What an eternal blot on our justice system.When the lawyers who are supposed to be officers of the court act unethically like this, the whole system collapses.Extrapolating the legal proverb justice should be done, and should appear to be done, Another ethical practise constantly disobeyed by lawyers all over is the ban on contingency fee.With the increase in compensation in most cases, the American evil of 33 percent of compensation received is levied on litigants. But without the necessary service. Those lawyers conduct the entire case free of charge. Here in India they collect the fee, actuals and 33 percent or more. That would depend on the litigants financial status and education level.The officers of the court should have appeared clean besides being clean. Now their whole image is tarnished, irrespective of the postfacto explanations that can be now cooked up.All these cases of subversion of justice by the moneyed just reaffirms the lay man's belief that criminal lawyers are just that criminals first then lawyers.