I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Friday, November 18, 2011

compulsory jail for dui

By: m b nataraj
On: 18 Nov 2011 05:46 am
Very welcome move according to teetotallers and victims of dui. It will truly have accomplished the goal when salman khans, nandas &other drunk killers recognize the value of of this move


Sunday, November 13, 2011

enforcement political tools to harass critics.

By: m b nataraj
On: 13 Nov 2011 10:07 am

All these governmental enforcement organizations CBI, ED, IT, SEBI,IRDA, DGCA etc have become completely political tools to harass critics. Instead of discharging their duties quietly in the background, they wake up and start waving their constitutional Dandas after issues become public for any reason. Kejriwal, Ramdev, Anna investigations are prime examples of sudden politcally motivated energy.


Vijay Mallya's right about government meddling messing up business

There is some substance to what Mr Mallya says.
The whole issue of government interference in privatized industries is wreaking havoc with the system. The time has come to black and white decision in government control. Thers should be no grays.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to India shining is the fact that we have a salary system that is totally detrimental to productivity and incentive. That is annual increment system which works no where else in the world. This is also probably the basic cause of increased costs of production. Increments and bonuses should be strictly performance based not time linked.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

govt is not a charitable trust

m b nataraj blr 12 Nov, 2011 02:47 PM
Government is a"trustee" to public money.Not a charitable institution glorifying some dead memory-socialism? or catering to some businessman's self aggrandizing ventures in areas he has no experience whatsoever.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Safety in Nuclear plants major worry

Whatever the missile man thinks, he should know how badly safety measures and systems are maintained in this country. Positively reckless. THat is what should be the cause for worry. We are basically sitting on an atom bomb in the hands of careless, under trained staff. We need to remember BARC, Kalpakkam, chernobyl and three island accidents. We cannot drive on roads without accidents we talk about handling nuclear power safely!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

corruption accused's rights already waived

corruption is a luxury available only to those with official power to give or deny. In all cases there always is a prima facie misuse of such power. Even if court subsequently does not find sufficient proof to convict, accused have by their dubious conduct should be considered to have waived their right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. After all the state has curbed their freedom to have them fired from their public office-for being in jail longer than 48 hours?
It is only a question of how much longer if convicted. Corrupt accused have in the eyes of the public have already waived their right to due respect and status in the society.

reasons not to lose faith in the system

Dear Honorable Sadananda Gowdaji,
We apolitical non partisan karnataka citizens, who expected heaven and were shown hell, over the past few years
were totally turned off by BJPs antics .
But we have developed grudging admiration for the way you have continued to maintain a smiling demeanour despite severe administrative and
political constraints.
Also have been demonstrating with well intended actions, giving us hope that some thing can be done in this state.
On all our behalf we hope that you grow from strength to strength and will be the beginning
of a new image for BJP.
The obvious step motherly bias from our own administration exhibited towards rightful and lawful citizens complaints -particularly because of corruption more can be expected from the violators!- has been very disheartening.
All this will hopefully change for the better soon..
What prompts this letter is todays TOI two news items which in a way culminate my 4 decade fight after returning to India, for civic, consumer and citizens rights.
1. Caught using cell you may lose your DL,
2. Get Utilities fixed in 72 hours .
A few more equally important steps to Make Namma Bengaluru - ನಮ್ಮ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು-, ಪ್ರಪಂಚದ ಮಾದರಿ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು - world class city. A model for the rest of the state and country to follow.
1. Ban Honking damaging 8000 innocent citizens every honk, mercilessly penalize public endangerment traffic violations like
oneway violations, underaged driving, wheelies, redlight jumping, reckless overtaking, failure to yield to pedestrians and right of way traffic, kerb driving,under 279.
2. Bring the right to question, answerability and accountability of public officials into the hands of the citizens.

That atleast in my 60th year- 11.11 am 11-11-2011, will permit me to rest satisfied that all these years of struggle was not a wasted effort.
As every single person who knew my efforts, advised and continues to do so even now!
However I have retained my faith in the Indian grievance redressal system in general by the results that I have gotten that it is better than the US.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

we need more understanding from blindfolded lady Justice

What an intimidating judge. He will initiate contempt proceedings against the poor lady and the child? Why do courts think it is their social duty to interfere in human affairs of the heart? What do they know of the ground realities of family life someone from xerox copies of affidavits? If life were so simple we would not need blindfolded Lady justice at all. Wish we had more sympathetic courts.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

how is frivolus judged? by successful conviction?

How is frivolous to be decided- by eventual success of the complaint? - is the big question. Lots of misdeeds, misappropriations, illegalities, corrupution is rampant and blatant. When citizens apporach courts as executive fails to satisfactorily control, the damocles sword of huge costs should not be hanging over the complainants. Most cases even if admitted on primafacie evidence cannot be convicted eventually for lack of criminal level of proof. That does not mean that the crime did not take place. In such most likely event, discouragement by huge costs will give a fillip to already rampant blatant illegalities .


cell phone diriving is a bigger danger

University of Utah has in a study found that using cell phone while driving impairs ability to the same extent as Driving under the influence of alcohol.
Because of its extreme frequency especially by 2 wheelers, the social damage is very very high and needs to be curbed as stringently atleast, if not more stringently.


bangalore's crappy dog owners

Dear Honorable Mayor Sharadamma,
It is good that you are visiting the US of A to see how clean a country can be kept and how much dedication, hardwork and governance is required for that.
I am a pet lover. Pets have to be brought up like children with good manners.
Here is an instance of how a pet owner or more likely the hung over watchman.
The dogs were brandishing a
stick threateningly, reacted to a respectful plural request to take the dogs for their SHIT WALK in more secluded areas instead of main post office road in Mahalakshmi lay out leaving unsightly dog shit all over morning walkers paths. Please see the attached videos.
The first words out of his mouth in Kannada singulars was neenyavano kelokke, nimmappanda roadu, kuddiddiyeno , ministers ella jaillalliddare, ninage bhedi madikondre chaddile madikotiya etc etc

The arrogance, the attitude is a matter of deep shame to everyone , more so for the thoughtless owners whose
image reaches the same level of crap their dogs discharged on the street offending other users.
When BBMP is acting even on littering and debris dumping strictly serious action needs to be taken against this.