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Sunday, February 22, 2009

jagannath's blog comment-22feb2009

On the eve of oscars, I have to say that it is amazing that this movie has even made it to the list. I do not think it will win any oscars. It should not. There is no oscar quality in this movie. If it still does, it just goes to show how oscar has degraded itself to keep up with the modern trend.It is interesting to find that this Danny Boyle is not American. I think that makes it less likely that this movie will win anything except nominations for whatever reason.As far as the movie and its implausible theme, there is no point in blaming the government.It cannot control (and as a "democracy" should not control) media/movies. It should be left to the responsibility -if any-of the "makers", and let the viewers judge as you have.The anti hindu theme is an unfortunate practice of reverse discrimination from Gandhian politics. I am afraid the behaviour of the present Proponents of Hindutva- saffron brigade, bajrang dal, shivsena, srirama sena and their eventual certain evolution into vanara sena has only fuelled this into an uncontrollable hysteria of hindu bashing.It makes a great philopsophy into a laughing stock and followers into being ashamed of belonging to that great tradition.As an aside which should not deviate from the well written piece, I think intelligentia you refer to is intelligentsia?
February 21, 2009 7:19 PM


Thursday, February 05, 2009

valentines day-toileds4feb2009

4 Feb 2009,
The Editor,
Times of India

I am normally a civilzed law abiding, nonviolent man.
Muthalik and his tailess monkies antics and the
government's impotence to effectively stop them is getting on my nerves.
Why cannot the government hold him and his trouble making tongue in preventive custody?

If I see anyone following me with a camera I will take law into my own hands bash them up black and blue and may be even kill
them and take my chances with the liberal courts which release even those guilty primafacie.
That should teach Rama sena and other self styled MPs that they cannot intrude into everyones lives.