I am a US Qualified Registered Microbiologist-Medical Technologist, operating my own Clinical Lab. I have been an activist advocating consumer, civic, citizen's rights for Thirty plus years & a Frequent contributor to the letters to Editor.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

I have cds to prove -Tytler-IBN 22 Dec 2007

Sorry Mr Tytler, This does not wash with the public.You might be able to manipulate the investigating agencies, prosecution or be able to convince the courts that the evidence is not beyond reasonable doubt.But for the public at large, and people in politics, like you, it is more about perception. What CDs could you have in 1984? there were no CDs in 1984. Please donot use current jargon to prove your innocence, insult the public's intelligence and incense them further by it.It was a shameful episode for the whole country and especially congress. No matter how much you cry yourself hoarse about it now. Fact is, there was active and passive concurrence for the occurrences by the powers be at that time, for targetting the sikh community for the fault of a few.


Does VIP movement disrupt lives-TOI20dec2007

yes, for all they accomplish they mess our lives up more.


CRPF Officer to hang for beheading son TOI-20dec2007

This animal killed his 20 year old son as he was an
impediment in his affairs.
This Man should not be hanged? should he be rewarded for his cruelty? The tragedy is we have such depraved individuals in police force in our country. Who know what other heinous crimes this CRPF Officer has committed?


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Awareness creates bewareness-TOI-LEDS-12dec2007

Times of India is a proactive newspaper that is proreader,procitizen and proconsumer.
Your readers understand that fully and that is why your readership has crossed a million daily mark.
With that kind of readership certainly all of the 1 million
current Max Newyork Life policy holders, thousands of Tata AIG Customers and potential customers are all your readers. I fail to see why you do not publish warnings that create awareness?
It is as a protection, caution service to these current and potential readers benefit that we care to send complaints.
If you do not publish them for reasons best known to yourselves, Are you not doing a great disservice to yourself, and all your faithful readers who trust you, and those who are not avid netizens who need this information but cannot get it even though you had it available with you?
I am enclosing the complaints against Max Newyork life and Tata AIG.
It is a familiar exploit the dumb natives phenomenon all over again on a 1600 billion rupee scale by all insurance companies.
IRDA is watching? helplessly?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tata AIG-Spice Jet Joint Racket?-4 Dec 2007

Tata AIG-spice jet Joint racket ?
I bought 3 spice jet tickets on the net Bangalore delhi bangalore.At the time of purchase I was offered what I thought was a very useful domestic travel insurance covering much dreaded oft occurring events of travel on these budget airlines like ,Trip Interruption,Trip Cancellation,Baggage Loss-Checked,Flight Delay,Common Carrier Delay,etc(http://www.spicejet.com/tata_aig_productdescription.asp) in collaboration (collusion?) with TATA AIG .Spice did not transport us as scheduled on Bangalore to Delhi for their own operational reasons.The best they gave us was "Credit" refund for that and a credit shell for the return journey, though they had received the entire amount as cash. I tried recovering the amounts confident ( totally misplaced as it turns out to be) that the Great name and reputation TATA AIG would refund the amounts under Trip Interruption,Trip Cancellation. Since September through umpteen emails to all levels at both spice and Tata.Now come the worms out of the internet woods- as exclusions in the 27 page 190 kb policy wordings which no one checks when the product description is so attractive-.The email link to domestic travel insurance at Tata has demised, You guessed right, they have not paid. Worse odds than Las vegas roulette tables. No one would have bought this touched the policy with a barge pole but for the TATA name in the policy.BEWARE even the great TATA reputation is no guarantee of fair play or justice.We Indians are deeply Sorry that even youTATAs had to eventually succumb to these little rackets to make little money-?Rs.385/-to be exact and sacrifice your reputation?


Beware of Max Newyork Life-4 Dec 2007

Policy holders Beware
All present and potential policy holders, Beware of Max Newyork Life Policies. Their "agent/advisors' are agents first and only incidentally advisors. Bad advisors at that.They do not divulge vital details of the policies like periodic hike in premia for the riders, that the cash surrender value, vitally essential for the policy holder about to commit to potentially 43 years of bondage. The Cash surrender value at any time before death/dreaded disease or age 100 do part us is 30 percent of the fully paid up premia excluding the first year's premium(gratis for the company) and any dues at any time after 3 years. Which means that they get to keep SEVENTY PERCENT of your money and all that it earned over the years. This Magical SEVENTY PERCENT probably based on the illiteracy rate of INDIA is a very high penalty for leaving a "satisfied family partnership" begun on the basis of incomplete information provided by their 'highly trained advisors'.The policies, riders, premium notices, receipts, account statements and annual performance reports are american jargon filled, complicated, confusing. Even Lawyers and number crunchers would have difficulty interpreting them, forget the laymen. Freelook carries a penalty again the magic SEVENTY PERCENT We suspect.The company is inefficient with unresolved issues from 14 months pending. When questioned waves the IRDA recognition as a justification for all their actions.IRDA's duty was first to protect the 70 percent illiterate from the clutches of these multinational sharks.IRDA seems to have grossly failed in its primary Mission to protect the Policy Holder.


Police made a mistake-TOI 3Nov2007

How could the pune police arrest an individual in Karnataka without sanction from Local courts?
If they did get the permission, K Laksmana's civic liberties were not adequately protected by the very courts which are
entrusted to do so, since his was a surprise arrest.

This violation of personal liberty is grossly abhorrent and violative of the Indian constitution.
It is a shameful reflection on a nation that supposedly attained liberty 60 years ago so Indians could administer Indians.
The tongue in cheek police apology, indulgent attitude of the courts to such police excesses, makes a mockery of freedom in this country.
We continue to be ruled , now by brown babus.
Police puppets, anxious to please the political master's , will trample on citizens rights.
Lakshmana cannot get justice from Maharashtra courts and should to sue the police in a neutral territory and seek
suitable punishment to the police and compensation from them.

BJP Urges Election commission to prevent division of masses along communal lines-DNAIndia-27oct2007

If the Election commission were to take the BJP urgings to check attempts to communally divide the people when the model code of conduct had already come into force [for the elections in Gujarat] seriously, it would have to be disqualified as a party first.

tv channels banned in gujarat-IBN27oct2007

Kudos to media, if there is a semblance of accountability in this country it is thanks to the media.Banning channels showing uncomfortable truths about politiciansis authoritarianism masquerading as democracy.Modi did not have to be afraid if there was no truth to it?This proves that democracy in India is of a few, for a few ,by a few.and the King is 'perfect'.What a farce and shame that is Modigovernment.when his visa was revoked Modi- born again hindu- got his 'style' of democracy certified by that born again christian-Bush.where is the transparency in blacked out media?