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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Pandher's Human rights violated?-IBN-26Jan2007

If Pandher's Human rights were violated by the beatings he got at the hands of the angry crowd,what about his victim's?Is Karandeep trying to tell us he was not aware of his father's activities for all the years he grew up with him or is it his case that the father is innocent?Had Pandher been caught in the act by the public or his victim's relatives, and had been lynched would his son still have complained to the Human rights commission?I recall a case in Bangalore where a cab driver was stoned to death when caught having sex with a woman.I am afraid I do not believe Animals -with due respect to animals- like Pandher(may be I am prejudging the issue but I do not feel guilty about it- I believe there is no smoke without fire) have a right of recourse to HRC.

Kudos to supreme court-leds-27jan2007

Kudos to the supreme court for rectifying the grave error of the high court awarding compensation to an owner who was fatally injured trying to avoid a goat.

Third party insurance is the lowest of the slabs, so naturally comes with many riders.
Extra premium would have covered own life.

what is more he even failed to pay the current premium on the policy.
Under such circumstances, what ever (humanitarian or economic criteria?) reasons the high court awarded the compensation was neither fair nor just.
It is unjust claims and awards like these that hike up the premium for the rest of us,and set a bad precedent to cheat the insurance companies.
Unfortunately, this exclusively American trend seems to be corrupting the Indian legal system.
There may have been more sympathy for the victim if he had not been informed of the limitations of the policy.

Sharief's Actions have been considered

Sharief’s actions have been considered Fear not, Mr Sharief. All your avocation’s accomplishments have entirely been considered by the suffering citizenry before reaching their conclusions.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Promoting Kannada? Mr Kumaraswamy-23 Jan 2007

23 Jan 2007,
Dear Mr. Chief Minister Kumaraswamy,

This is with reference to my suggestion that the government preserve and promote the Use of Kannada by setting up an online dictionary.

Opportunities to leave our mark on the people and history do not come knocking every day.

They have to be exploited immediately and firmly.

Reportedly, the government spent about 15 crores annually since 2001 on "language development". and has exclusive ministry for Kannada and culture and Kannada Development authority.

Both, presumably are directly interested in preserving and promoting Kannada as a language, and endowed with considerable funds.

The honor and privilege, I discovered recently, appears have rightly and deservedly gone to Prof G Venkatasubbiah for putting up an online dictionary and Baraha (http://www.baraha.com/nighantu/).

The government as usual missed the proverbial bussu.
Thanking you for your time,
Sincerely yours,
M B Nataraj

Monday, January 22, 2007

Who turned IT hub into hotspot-IBN-22 Jan 2007

60 years post independence, if we have seen one section of the society deteriorate from zenith to abyss, it is the politicians.
They appear to stoop to any level to stay in the lime light. Encourage unpalatable elements of the society. Appeal to the basest and uncontrollable instincts in human beings for their own selfish motives.
Manipulate everything to their advantage.
When things go out of control as they are bound to
pretend humility and willingness to atone for their sins. They know fully well the penal system they corrupted will never find them guilty.
Their only contribution to the Society, seems to be the nuisance value, which keeps them alive in public memory.

And we the suffering, disgusted, helpless Bharatiyas are accursed with them.
Spare Us oh LORD, or Grant me the Serenity to accept things that I cannot change(Reinhold Niebuhr-1972)
I continue to be amazed at the prophetic perspicacity of Churchill who predicted that India will be ruled by rogues and scoundrels.
Our fervent request to them is Please delink us from your devious, selfserving goals.

Bangalore Bleeds-IBN-22Jan2007

These rallies are self serving machinations of fading politicians who refuse to leave the arena.

We follow them with the same degree of mindlessness and thoughtlessness that went into their organization.

The Price society has to pay for this is too high.

Who ever called for this rally should be personally held responsible for the consequences.

Atleast, this way what was taken from the society can be returned to it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Congratulations DCP Saleem-14Jan2007

14 Jan 2007,
Mr M A Saleem,
DCP Traffic East,

Dear Mr Saleem,

It is with very deep pride as a Bangalorean, I congratulate you on your receiving The IRTE & Prince Michael International Road Safety Award 2006 recently. You are probably the first and the only (?) Police officer from Karnataka to be given such an international award for the work done at Bangalore Traffic Police.
Recently I went through the Brigade Road Area on my way to the Airport from Jayanagar.
All the South east traffic to the Airport Koramangala etc from Residency Road, took the narrow road just before Residency road-Brigade Road Traffic light to cross Brigade road against the legal south bound traffic on it causing a huge traffic jam, disruption, pollution with honking and frayed irritated drivers.

My suggestion is therefore, to enforce a no drive through east across brigade road at that point.
Make it only right turn there. Force the through traffic to wait at the traffic light make a legitimate right to Brigade road south and then a legitimate left to continue east. This will prevent the bottle neck backing up traffic at the junction all the way into the northern sections of Brigade Road may be even upto MG road at peak hours.
If any clarifications about my suggestions are necessary please feel free to contact me via e mail.
Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,

Orissa Cop wants son in orissa-IBN-13Jan2007

Mr Mohanty wants the case transferred to his state so he can use his influence to bury the case or atleast dilute it to harmlessness.What does he mean by he did not stand surety? That somebody else gave surety in his name? Even so the father is responsible for the surety in his name. It was a planned concerted effort to get the rotten creep out of the mess he is in. Even now they are waiting for the media attention to die out and sneak the "RAPIST BOY" back into the parents loving fold. Another example of the Indians LONG UMBILICAL CORDS. Hope the Rajasthan's Police persist and succeed in their attempts to clear their state's crime records without yielding to political pulls from another state. I am afraid going by Lallu's Bihar's record that he will use his clout in the centre to Mohanty's advantage, crimes be damned.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

dataone unlimited-kamalesh blog comment-11Jan2007

Hi Kamalesh,
I am a reluctant user of Dataone too. Some times they appear to be the best of a bad lot. Especially after I have heard the horror stories of other ISPs like Tata,Airtel, Sify and local cable TV providers.Someone told me that even unlimited is not really unlimited? is this possible?They did not give me any new contract form to sign to change the plan, so I have not read any small print about this. is it true? if so it would be the biggest extortion by an ex government of India UNDERTAKING. I always call GOI the best undertakers for any successful business enterprise!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Disgusting corruption in Hospitals-8Jan2007

The Minister of Health Honorable R Ashok
(No email address?)
and The principal Secretary
Health and Family Welfare,
Government of Karnataka

What is the matter with your government hospitals?

Have they become mints for robbing poorer sections of the society?

My maid servant's son was admitted to KC General Hospital for a surgery.

The staff including the doctors have been
collecting money off these poor since day one.
So far about 4000 has been spent on these "services"

It is easy for your officials to say you don't have to pay bribe to get medical aid.
But if you are in need of medical aid you cannot go running upto the top official or the enforcement officials to get the service as you are entitled to get.

It should be a matter of national shame that we cannot even deliver medical and funeral services without bribes in this SUVARNA KARNATAKA fifty plus years after independence.

Though we threw out the Britishers we have not been able to do anything with these shame and conscienceless brown babu brothers of ours.

When Please when will we be rid of them?

Though you have the powers to do something about it do you have the COURAGE to do it?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

British tourist killed mistakenly! IBN7jan07

Mistakenly killed? Come, Come now. Mistakenly as used generally has the ring of an action which can be later rectified . Killing certainly is not a reversible action is it not?

It is totally unacceptable to classify a homicide as a mistaken action.
Then all cases of capital punishment can be retrospectively classified as a mistake.
Recall the case of a taxi driver who was stoned to death when he was caught by the locals when he was engaged in sex in the cab in a suburb of Bangalore a few years ago?
To kill someone mistakenly seems to be a bigger crime than premeditated murder in a civilized society.
It is totally against all norms that define us as human.
Your reporting about the poverty of the criminals who committed the murder and the 500 rupees offer by the victim's mother is an unnecessary appeal to mass emotions to create a sympathy wave in the public.

and have some cascading effect on the eventual outcome of the case.

This would result in the grossest miscarriage of justice to the dead victim who can no longer speak for himself.
His crime surely did not deserve the ultimate punishment?

Pub bouncer's murder-leds 7 Jan2007

7 Jan 2007,


This is with reference to the horrifying murder of a Pub bouncer, who threw out three youths for eve teasing yesterday.
There is a serious problem with Law enforcement.
It is so pliable, feeble, and powerless that all fear or respect for law has evaporated. More disturbing is the fact is that many elements of these gangs of criminals are immediate kith and kin of police officers and politicians.

This should ring alarm bells in the society.

Gang actions are right now providing immunity from penalties because of the protection provided by numbers.

One can see that in the attack on tourist bus in UP, Kamblapalli and almost all political bandh violence.

To spread the message that such anonymous assemblies are not a social license to mayhem the entire gang should charged equally for the same crime .

The government and the enforcers should act immediately to specially diligently prosecute and secure convictions.

However, in the aftermath of the Nikhil case involving the chief minister's son and the subsequent successful hush up, very serious doubts about this ministry's ability to take such strong steps to uphold law and order will persist for ever.