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Friday, February 17, 2017

''Panneerselvam camp dismisses Sasikala from AIADMK'' i

''Panneerselvam camp dismisses Sasikala from AIADMK'' is now displayed on timesofindia.com.
''All these legal questions just mean aiadmk has lost tamil nadu. Now it has to be presidents rule till polls are held again. It is very unlikely aiadmk will come back with the support it got last time now without jj. Now dmk has a great opportunity. But their house is divided too. It looks like a ripe time for coalition government in tamil nadu for a change.''

Mact decision illogical and tughlaquian

What absolutely illogical and rotten decision penalizing a heavy vehicle driver for a 2 wheeler drunken overloaded driver by mact. Such decisions create contempt towards law and justice in the minds of law abiding citizens and empower the lawless a dangerous trend in an already divided society. BMP should appeal this decision till supreme court if need be. What happened to the legal dictum that one cannot benefit by ones illegal acts?